Ticket Questions

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Frequently Asked Ticket Questions

How do I pay my ticket with cash?
All payments that are not made online or by mail must be completed at the Student Accounts Services Office. The Office is located on the first floor of the Speare Building off High Street.
What happens if I don’t pay my ticket?

Any fines which go unpaid for more than 30 days will be transferred to Collections.

Once in collection, fines will double and then be billed through the Student Account Services Office.

Failure to pay fines may result in being dropped from classes, being blocked from registering for classes, or being restricted from obtaining transcripts. Your ability to graduate and credit score may also be effected.

For tickets that are past 30 days from the issue date and have gone to collections, you may make your payment by contacting at Student Account Services at (603) 535-2215.

I received a collections notice from the Student Accounts Services Office. What should I do?
If you received a collections notice, you will want to contact Student Account Services at (603) 535-2215.