Safety Bulletin and Request for Information 10-14-2016

The University Police and Plymouth Police would like to alert the campus community to concerning and dangerous behavior in the area of 190 Main Street occurring this semester. Police have been called to this area several times for noise related disturbances, intoxicated people, various incidents of suspicious activity and people being physically assaulted.

On more than one occasion, incidents have involved several persons assaulting one victim.  In one instance, serious injury has been sustained by a victim requiring hospitalization.  To date, one arrest has been made, and the investigation of these incidents continues.

This behavior is concerning as it compromises the safety and security of our community and undermines our quality of life on campus. It can be assumed that conditions continue to exist that may pose a threat to members and guests of the community. Consider carefully whether your presence at or near this area could place you in danger.

If you have any information about these behaviors, you are encouraged to call police and report them.

Police Communications can be reached at 536-1626.

Plymouth Police non-emergency line is 536-1804

University Police business line can be reached at 535-2330.