Emergency Text Alert System

Plymouth State University’s Emergency Text Alert System service allows the University to send texts to your cell phone with information about campus-wide emergencies, class cancellations, or other urgent campus communications. There’s no charge for this service; however, depending on your cell phone carrier, there may be a fee to receive text messages.

Plymouth State Universities website is the primary source for information during an emergency but the Emergency Text Alert System is the most immediate means of communication. It’s important that you register for this service in the event you’re unable to access the Internet during an emergency.

Register or Check Your Registration Status

Register for PSU Emergency Text Alerts! From this page, you can also edit your cell phone number should it change.

Questions? Contact PSU’s Helpdesk at helpdesk@plymouth.edu or (603) 535-2929.


Plymouth State University does not guarantee the successful delivery of each message to each individual recipient. The service depends on the individual e-mail systems, cellular, and mobile phone carriers to deliver SMS and e-mail messages to each recipient. There may be a charge by your cell phone provider to receive SMS messages.