Reporting a Crime

Have you seen or heard of a crime but don’t know what to do? What if you see something suspicious? Should you report it? Yes!

Sometimes, people don’t feel the crime is severe enough to contact the police or feel that the police won’t be able to do anything about it anyway.

But, that one report might prevent future criminal events from occurring!

The chances of solving a crime decrease considerably when police aren’t aware that a crime has occurred in a timely manor.

Notification is the first step in being able to provide assistance.

If it’s an EMERGENCY, always DIAL 911.

For other crimes please call University Police  at (603) 535-2330. The University Police Department is  located at 2 High Street.

For crimes that occur off campus call Plymouth Police Department at (603) 536-1804.  The Plymouth Police Department is located at 334 Main Street.

You can always submit a tip with the Silent Witness Form or by calling the Campus Tip Line at (603) 535-8477, you don’t have to provide your name.