Crime Alert – Suspicious Persons

University Police are looking for information about an incident which occurred last night (Saturday February 16th, 2019) in Langdon Wood Residential Hall.

Sometime between 8:40 PM and 9:00 PM several people were involved with a physical altercation on the fourth floor. There were no serious injuries. Two people involved with the altercation remain un-identified and are persons of interest to police.

At this time, it has not been determined if the two unidentified persons of interest are PSU students.

Attached to this email are photos of the two people who are persons of interest to police. Both are white males. One is wearing a blue Adidas shirt and a dark hat. The second is wearing a blue coat and orange shoes.

 If you have any information as to the identity of these two people, please report this to the University Police.

 University Police can be contacted at:

 Business Line: 603-535-2330

 Police Communication Center: 603-536-1626

 If you wish to make a confidential report please visit Silent Witness at:

If you wish to leave a message on the University Police Tips Line, please dial 603-535-8477.