Temporary Guidelines for Visitors and Guests to Plymouth State University

Special Instructions for All Guests and Visitors at Plymouth State University

Due to the complex nature of the COVID-19 situation, all buildings on the campus of Plymouth State University will be temporarily closed to the public until conditions improve.

Only faculty, staff, and students with active PSU identification cards are currently authorized to enter buildings on the campus at PSU.

Guests and Visitors

All guests and visitors at PSU must have an academic and/or professional reason to enter any building on campus. Each guest and visitor must have a PSU-affiliated sponsor who has invited him or her to campus.

Approved guests and visitors will be required to check in and provide a form of identification. After check-in, approved guests will receive a temporary parking pass and an access card to gain access to the proper building.

Contractors, Vendors, and Delivery Personnel

Contractors, vendors, and delivery personnel are to contact the PSU Physical Plant at 603-535-2254 to make arrangements to enter PSU buildings.

Physical Plant personnel will assist with visitor registration and provide parking permits and building access cards. Guests must also appear in person at the Physical Plant main office located at 123 Rt-175a in Holderness, NH, before entering any building on campus.

For more information about Physical Plant, please visit: https://campus.plymouth.edu/physical-plant/contact-information/


Persons visiting PSU for events and conferences must make arrangements prior to arriving at PSU by calling the Events and Conference Planning Office at 603-535-2722 or the University Police at 603-535-2919.

The events staff or University Police will assist with visitor registration and provide a parking permit and building access card. Guests must also appear in person at the Centre Lodge Building located at 10 Merrill Street or at the University Police Department located at 2 High Street, before entering any buildings on campus.

For more information about Events and Conference Planning, please visit: https://www.plymouth.edu/events/

For more information about University Police, please visit: https://campus.plymouth.edu/police/