Distinguished Operating Staff Award

Daphne Morin, 

John Anderson photo.

Administrative Assistant, Lamson Library and Learning Commons 

Daphne Morin is considered the glue that holds the diverse departments at Lamson Library and Learning Commons together. In fact, her colleagues at Lamson believe her title of administrative assistant is a bit of a misnomer, saying that, in reality, Morin is the building manager, departmental leader and cheerleader, budget tightrope walker, office supply manager, chief organizer, and a colleague who is focused on serving others—both in Lamson, where she knows everyone by name, and across the campus.

In her 20-plus years at Lamson, Morin has seen history in the making as the facility evolved from a traditional library to a “learning commons,” which offers Plymouth State University students a wealth of resources: from those of a more traditional library to online learning tools, from the Writing Center to Plymouth Academic Support Services, from Learning Technologies to the Center in Excellence in Teaching and Learning, from the ITS Help Desk to the Commons Cafe. “Lamson has grown to become a true center for students,” Morin says. “There are still the quiet spaces we think about when we hear the word ‘library,’ but our vision expands the concept to offer the places, tools, and support needed to foster collaboration and learning for students and faculty. Behind it all is a student-centered staff that is flexible and forward thinking about what students need to meet their learning objectives. The changes at Lamson have been dramatic, and it has been exciting to play a role in something so important.”

Not surprisingly, Morin has undergone a transformation of her own over her two decades at Lamson Learning Commons. She also met her husband Tom at PSU twenty years ago; together they have a son Mitchell, who is 16. She took time to focus on personal development, graduating in 2012 from PSU with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies and bringing a new level of expertise and skill to her work.  A first-generation college graduate, Morin was recognized by the University as the Non-traditional Graduating Female in 2012.

Morin’s involvement in PSU life extends well beyond Lamson; she has served as a member and speaker of the PSU Operating Staff Senate, as well as on the Technology Committee, Welfare Committee, Campus Safety Committee, and Systems Personnel and Policy Committee. What Morin finds most meaningful are the more personal contributions to Lamson and the greater PSU community: the creation each year of a decorated tree for PSU’s Festival of Trees; annual collections for vital organizations like the Plymouth-based Whole Village Family Resource Center and Voices Against Violence; and coordinating celebrations and offering support during times of both joy and sorrow for the Lamson team.

“I enjoy working at Lamson, where its many transitions and stages of metamorphosis always make my job interesting and engaging,” Morin concludes. “It also helps that my colleagues are excellent in every way, and that our students—the pulse of the campus—find their way here to Lamson, which is the heart of learning, and that I am part of that process.”

Donna Eason ’85 

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