Diane Tiffany

"When the need comes up, I’m happy to jump in and help out."
"When the need comes up, I’m happy to jump in and help out."

Distinguished OS (Operating Staff) Award

Gift Processor, Office of University Advancement

It is virtually impossible to walk across the PSU campus, or sit in the Hartman Union Building, and carry on an uninterrupted conversation with Diane Tiffany.

It’s not Tiffany’s fault. She just knows so many people—students, professors, administrators, employees—that there is always someone to say hello to. In more than 12 years working at PSU, she has served on numerous committees, volunteered in charity and scholarship fundraisers, and been highly involved in student activities.

“When the need comes up, I’m happy to jump in and help out,” she says. “It gives me a chance to meet people. Being part of the PSU community is wonderful because it provides us so many opportunities for education, opportunities for social and cultural events, opportunities to think. And the community is very welcoming. It’s like a family.”

As a gift processor in the Office of University Advancement, Tiffany is in constant contact with another important segment of the University community: donors. She makes sure that each acknowledgement of a donation has a personal touch. “I like to help the donors feel good about their gifts by letting them know about the impact they have on students,” she says.

Her Plymouth State connections are not only widespread; they’re also deep-rooted. On her mother’s side of the family, she’s a fourth-generation alumna; on her father’s side, third. And long before she began attending Plymouth State to study elementary education, she formed a strong attachment to the town of Plymouth.

“We would drive north to Grandma’s on Christmas Eve,” she recalls. “This was before I-93, so it was a huge trip to go from Concord to Dalton on Route 3. We would always stop in Plymouth because it was the halfway point. We’d go to Blake’s Restaurant on Main Street and have pie. And I always thought Plymouth was such a pretty little town, such a nice place to be.”

Four years ago, Tiffany realized a longtime dream when she and her husband Rick, a PSU building service worker, purchased a home in Plymouth where they live with their son Brian. Tiffany credits Affordable Housing, Education and Development (AHEAD) Inc., a community-based housing development organization based in Littleton, NH, with helping her family through the process of becoming homeowners. She and Rick remain involved with AHEAD, speaking at seminars and sharing their experience with others. “They’re a wonderful organization, and I continue to advocate for them,” she says.

Tiffany is involved in other community activities, including the Keeping You, Me, and Memories Alive Walk to Fight Cancer and March of Dimes March for Babies. She also enjoys music, occasionally traveling to bluegrass festivals and recently seeing The Dead—members of the former Grateful Dead—“for the first time in many years.”

Most of all, Tiffany says, she simply loves living in New Hampshire and taking advantage of her natural surroundings: camping, hiking, and learning how to fish. “I enjoy relaxing in nature,” she says. “I’m a New Hampshire girl through and through.” And Plymouth State to the core.

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