Distinguished Operating Staff Award

Kelsey Donnelly ’14, Administrative Assistant, Office of Educator Preparation

Kaleb Hart '11 photo.
Kaleb Hart ’11 photo.

Kelsey Donnelly loves her work in PSU’s Office of Educator Preparation (OEP), where she has been an administrative assistant for 10 years, and she thrives on being a part of such an active, energized environment. “There is something fulfilling about working on a college campus,” Donnelly says. “There’s a real collaborative spirit here, and when there’s a challenge of any kind, everyone is willing to pitch in to make sure the work gets done and our students have what they need.” PSU’s OEP is responsible for securing the internships students need to become certified teachers in New Hampshire; Donnelly works with participating school administrators and teachers throughout the state as well as PSU faculty and students.

Donnelly’s efforts on behalf of PSU students go beyond her work at the OEP, however. She is actively involved in a number of PSU committees, including the Operating Staff Fundraising and Scholarship Committee, which oversees various fundraisers that support student scholarships, such as the annual Festival of Trees—part of Plymouth’s Hometown Holiday Celebration. “The Festival of Trees is a joyful event that brings the campus and the Plymouth community together,” Donnelly explains. When fundraising efforts are complete, Donnelly and her fellow committee members review and award scholarships to deserving PSU undergraduate students from across New Hampshire.

Off campus, Donnelly serves as public relations officer for a “small but mighty” organization called Keeping, You, Me and Memories Alive. This local nonprofit helps those in the community who are living with cancer. “We support patients across central New Hampshire with gift cards and other resources to pay for groceries, gas, and utilities—virtually anything they need to have taken care of so that they can focus on getting better,” Donnelly says.

One of Donnelly’s most recent personal accomplishments was earning a bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies from PSU in 2014. She is now in the midst of earning her master’s in human relations, attending classes part time while she works at OEP. “The subject of human relations is so fascinating to me,” she says. “The material I’m learning is applicable to my life and is often transformative. I’m excited to see what the future has in store for me.”

Donna Eason ’85 

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