Student Projects

Jennifer Moore was chosen to be the student representative for the Psychology department at PSU’s first ever Student Showcase.  She presented her work (in collaboration with Dr. John Kulig) about how playing with Barbie dolls might affect the self-esteem of young girls.

Josh Zielinski presented a poster at the 1st Annual PSU Research Symposium.  His work (in collaboration with Dr. Paul Fedorchak) involved the classic Monty Hall problem from the TV show “Let’s Make a Deal” and whether incentives would increase participants’ accuracy.

In addition to displaying her work at the 1st Annual PSU Research Symposium,Lindsey DePorter participated at the 2011 New Hampshire Psychological Association Student Convention.  Her work (in collaboration with Dr. Angela Kilb) concerned whether false memories of child abuse are more common when the accused is portrayed in a low-income environment.