What marketable skills does a degree in psychology offer?

Psychology is distinctive in that it equips its graduates with an extremely rich and diverse portfolio while providing a variety of forms of expertise which can prepare psychology graduates to undertake many different types of work. For example, specific skills include:

  • Literacy: clear, concise writing
  • Numeracy: analyzing, interpreting data
  • Computer literacy: word processing, data analysis
  • Information-finding skills: using databases
  • Research skills: expertise in gathering information about human/animal behavior
  • Measurement skills: psychometric measurement, questionnaire design
  • Environmental awareness: knowledge of how the environment can influence social behavior
  • Interpersonal awareness: understanding of the self, interaction with others
  • Problem-solving skills: apply different strategies and approaches to understanding problems
  • Critical evaluation: evaluate theories and arguments
  • Perspectives: ability to examine issues from multiple points of view