WB Mason

December 2017

Dear Faculty & Staff;

The USNH Procurement Services Office is pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2018, WB Mason will become the contracted supplier for both office supplies and paper. By utilization of the State of New Hampshire contract with WB Mason, the University will be able to leverage the collective buying power of both the USNH system and the State of New Hampshire to lower its procurement costs for Office Supplies.

While I understand that transition can be difficult, the WB Mason team is ready to support the campuses and their users to make this as seamless as possible. Starting on January 1, 2018, the contract will be available via both the UNIMARKET e-Procurement tool as well as via the WB Mason USNH specific web portal. More information on how to get access to the web portal can be found in the attached notice.

With such a broad category of spend, the campuses will see a decrease in procurement costs for their office supplies. Please understand that there will be instances where the costs of some items will be greater than you experienced with our previous supplier, but overall, the new contract will result in significant procurement cost reduction.

For those who use WB Mason already, you are well aware of their exceptional customer service. The Procurement Services team is excited to have them expand their partnership across the USNH system.


Michael E. Durkin
Chief Procurement Officer

For further information about WB Mason and instructions for signing up for an account, please see this document.