Disposal of Surplus

Disposal of Surplus:


Surplus item(s) with an estimated current market value of $0 (i.e., obsolete, damaged, etc.) do not have to be advertised if the property is to be scrapped.

If there are no acceptable offers for a surplus item(s) and no identified non-profit organization is interested in the item as a donation; the department shall with written approval from Purchasing (email), contact Physical Plant for pickup if necessary.

  • After a department has received permission from Purchasing to scrap/dispose of the item(s) via email from Purchasing, he/she may do so him/herself (if permitted by Purchasing) or enter a Physical Plant Work Order to remove the item for disposal.
  • If disposing of the item(s) him/herself, he/she must make sure the property being disposed of is placed directly inside a dumpster and not left laying or sitting beside one.