Academic Advising

During the two weeks prior to registration (late October for Spring registration and late March/early April for Fall registration), you must meet with your academic advisor to discuss your upcoming semester schedule. Students register according to the number of credits earned on a seniority basis. First-semester students registration days/times are randomly selected by the computer.

Registration times and Web Reg Access Codes may only be obtained from your advisor.

If you do not know who your academic advisor is, follow these instructions to find out.

  1. Log on to your myPlymouth account;
  2. Click on Student Services;
  3. Click on Student Services and Financial Aid;
  4. Click on My Student Information;
  5. Check term says appropriate term;
  6. Scroll down to Primary Advisor where your advisor’s name will appear

Prior to meeting with your academic advisor:

  • Go to Speare Building, Registrar’s Office or HUB to pick up the Schedule of Classes booklet. This contains a listing of all the classes being offered, pertinent information about registration, and a listing of what classes satisfy general education requirements.

  • Contact your advisor to set up an advising appointment. You may find your advisor’s office and phone information through an on-line search or you may contact the Administrative Assistant of your major department. Some advisors have sign-up sheets on their office door; some have students come during office hours; and some schedule additional times during advising weeks to meet with their advisees.

  • Prior to meeting with your advisor, look at the classes being offered and put together a tentative schedule. Keep in mind that you need a minimum of 12 credits to be considered a full-time student, but may register for up to 17 credits. You need to take 15 credits each semester to graduate in four years with a 120 credit degree.

  • You may also use Course Query, available in your myPlymouth account, to find out what classes are being offered, as sometimes courses are canceled or sections added after the Schedule of Classes is printed. Course Query gives you an up-to-the-minute listing of classes being offered and available. Click on Student Services, Student Services and Financial Aid, and Course Query. Next select the appropriate semester. You may then search in a variety of different ways for classes. Course Query shows how many seats are still available in each class, as well as if the class is closed.

  • Take your tentative schedule with you to your advisor meeting. Your advisor will review the classes you have chosen, and may suggest others if appropriate. You should also have alternate courses selected in the event that your first choice classes are not available when you register. Once a schedule of appropriate classes has been determined, your advisor will give you your web registration access code.

  • At your designated registration date and time, you may go on-line to register for your classes. Do not skip a class to register for your classes! Registration is open until the end of the add/drop period. What this means is that even after you have registered, should you wish to change your schedule, providing the course is still open, you may go back into your registration and do so at any point during this time period.

  • Should you have difficulty obtaining a full schedule of classes, and concerns about what else to register for, contact your academic advisor for alternative suggestions. Don’t not register for your classes because you do not know what to take; your advisor is there to help you, so take care of this during your designated time or shortly thereafter.

  • Some students say they did not register for their classes because they were not sure they were returning for the next semester because they MAY be transferring to another school, or have financial or personal issues. Even if you THINK you may not be returning, register for your classes. In the event that you change your mind and decide to stay at PSU, you will have your classes. It is much more difficult to add courses later on, so register. If you decide not to return, the university will drop the classes in which you pre-registered.

  • If a course is closed when you register for your classes, and you really need or want to take the course, you may contact the instructor and ask if you can add the course. If the instructor agrees, you must provide your name, student ID and CRN number and the instructor will do an online override for you. You then go into Web Registration with your pin number and add the course.