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Enrolled students at Plymouth State University have access, through myPlymouth, to a computerized assessment of their progress toward completion of degree requirements. Degree Works pairs the courses a student has taken (or officially transferred) to the general education requirements and the specific requirements of their major. In-progress coursework is noted as such. Degree Works also notes the area of study, credits earned, and grade point average as well as all courses taken or transferred to Plymouth. Degree Works is an important tool for students as they begin to plan their academic schedule. When students process an audit, they also have the option of choosing different majors and options for assessment against the courses they have taken. This feature is known as the “What-If” Analysis. It provides an opportunity to see the influence that any potential change(s) may have on a projected completion date.

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Bachelor's Candidates
Masters, CAGS, and Doctoral Candidates

Please Note: There is a distinction between having your degree awarded and participating in the Commencement Ceremony.

The degree is awarded and the student receives a diploma only after the Registrar’s office has certified successful completion of all degree and institutional requirements.  Participating in the Commencement Ceremony is the act of honoring and celebrating academic achievement.  The Commencement Ceremony is held once a year in May.

Plymouth State University awards degrees five times per year: January, May, June (graduate students only), August, and December.  After all degree and institutional requirements have been satisfied, degrees will be awarded at the next available date.  Conferral dates coincide with the last date of the term except for January and June, which will be January 31st and June 30th.

Bachelor's Candidates
Masters, CAGS, and Doctoral Candidates
Certificate Candidates
Bachelors Candidates
Masters, CAGS, and Doctoral Candidates
Bachelors Candidates
Masters, CAGS, and Doctoral Candidates

The major, minor, and cumulative grade point averages that are earned at the time that a Plymouth State University degree is awarded may not be changed after the degree is awarded. This includes repeating courses at PSU or transferring courses to PSU.

Students who already hold a bachelor degree from PSU may apply for readmission for the purpose of retroactively adding a major, option, or minor to that degree. The academic student advocate will determine the catalog to be followed. Students seeking a new major or minor will typically follow the catalog current at the time of readmission. Students seeking a new option will, if possible, follow the original catalog. If not possible, they will follow the catalog current at the time of readmission and will have to complete any outstanding major and General Education requirements.

The idea of retroactively adding a major pertains to a PSU graduate whose second program is a degree program of the same type (e.g., a second major in a Bachelor of Science program or a second major in a Bachelor of Arts program). A second diploma will only be issued if the second major requires the completion of 30 or more additional credits.

Students with a Plymouth degree returning as candidates for a second bachelor degree that is different from the first degree may select majors, minors, and options appropriate to the second degree and will typically follow the catalog current at the time of readmission. If the second major is in a different degree program (e.g., a Bachelor or Arts major degree program when they already hold a Bachelor of Science degree or vice versa), students must meet the following requirements:

  • Students must complete at least 30 credits of coursework at PSU subsequent to the completion of the first bachelor’s degree.
  • All of the requirements of the second degree program, including General Education requirements that were not fulfilled in the first degree program, must be fulfilled.
  • At least half of the courses in the new major must be completed at PSU.
  • Students must comply with all other academic regulations.
  • The two degrees must be from two different disciplines.

Double Majors

Students may pursue a double major but must meet the requirements of both disciplines. To accomplish this goal within the minimum number of credits requires close communication with advisors from both majors. Only one degree (BA, BFA, or BS) will be awarded. Both majors must be completed from the same catalog.

Dual Degrees

If students wish to receive two different degrees (e.g., a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Science degree), students need to complete at least the equivalent of 30 credits of coursework beyond those required for the first degree. The degrees must be from different disciplines. Students cannot pursue two similar degree programs (two BA or two BS degrees), e.g., cannot earn both a BA in Biology and a BS in Biology. To ensure that students can adequately handle, the increased demands of seeking two different degrees, it is strongly suggested that students consult with advisors representing both programs.

Additional Questions?

If you have questions regarding Graduation Applications, audits, or other issues related to program completion, please contact a degree auditor in the Registrar’s Office in Speare, Telephone (603) 535-2345 or