Degree Audit

Before an undergraduate student is awarded a degree by the college, his or her academic record must be audited for completion of degree requirements. This official audit is performed by the degree auditor, who is the assistant registrar. It is the auditor’s function to determine that students have completed general education and specific program requirements and have earned the necessary university and program grade point averages to qualify for completion of the major, option, and minors. Only the university degree auditor may certify the completion of undergraduate programs.

The degree auditor’s office is located in the Registrar’s Office in Speare.
Phone: (603)535-2345
Fax: (603)535-2724


Degree Requests

Students expecting to complete graduation requirements in the current academic year must file a degree request form with the Registrar’s Office by the deadline. This degree request triggers an official audit and includes the student on the graduation file from which notifications are sent to potential graduates, diplomas ordered, and the like. A Graduation Application form is available for printing from the web or may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office.

Please note that Bachelor’s Degree students must have at least 90.0 credits earned by October 1 or 105.0 credits by February 1 to be eligible to file a Graduation Applicaiton.

Degree Request Deadlines

May – Submit  request no later than March 1st
August- Submit request no later than April 30th
December- Submit request no later than October 1st
Degree Requests will be accepted up to one month beyond the deadline; however, there will be a $50.00 Late Fee. Degree requests received after this time will be interpreted as requests for graduation in the subsequent year.

Criteria for Participation in the Baccalaureate Commencement

Students need to make sure that, by graduation time, they have satisfactorily completed all courses in both the general education program and the major program of study. Specified cumulative grade point averages for the major, minor and overall program must also have been achieved. The minimum grade point average in the major, minor and overall program is 2.0; some majors and minors require higher. Students also need to be sure they have earned the number of credits specified in their degree program. The minimum number of credits required is 122; some programs require more. To earn a Bachelor’s degree at Plymouth State University, a student must have completed at least 30 credits of their coursework at Plymouth.

If a required course is no longer offered, students need to take a substitute that should be identified by the advisor or by the department in which students are majoring. To do this, a Student Request Form must be completed and approved by the respective Department Chair and the Office of Undergraduate Studies; forms are available at the Undergraduate Studies Office.

Degree Requests and Audits
Degree requests trigger an academic audit to make sure that students intending to graduate have completed all graduation requirements. A previous degree audit for readmitted students is no longer valid, and a new audit will be conducted when a student files a new degree request. The official degree audit of a student who does not graduate expires when that student’s catalog expires. The associate dean of academic affairs, the registrar and the chair of the major department will consider appeals for exception to this policy.

Degree Request Forms are available at the Registrars Office or from the web. Degree Request Forms should be filed at the Office of the Registrar by November 1st of the academic year in which students expect to graduate. If Degree Requests are filed after March 1st, a late fee of $50 is imposed. The Dean of the University will grant no exceptions to the March 1st deadline.

Graduation Honors
Bachelor degree recipients who have maintained a cumulative average of 3.75 or above for work done at Plymouth are graduated summa cum laude. Bachelor and Associate degree recipients who have maintained a cumulative average of 3.50 through 3.74 are graduated magna cum laude. Bachelor degree recipients who have maintained a cumulative average of 3.25 through 3.49 are graduated cum laude. Degree candidates must have accumulated at least 45 credits at Plymouth to be eligible for graduation honors. Recognition is noted on the student’s diploma and permanent record.

Completion in Mid-year

Students who expect to complete their degree requirements December may file their Degree Request with the degree at least two semesters in advance.

Degrees are conferred only at Commencement in May of each year. Students completing in December will receive a diploma for December.  Students completing in January will reciev a diploma for the following May and the diploma will read May.

Being Reactivated for Graduation

Degrees are conferred only at Commencement in May of each year. Students completing in mid-year receive an official certificate of completion and a completion statement on their transcript stating when their degree will be awarded.

Transferring Courses to Complete Degree

Students who are completing their final coursework at another university should be in contact with the degree auditor regarding their plans and should file a Degree Request by the deadline. Students must have all degree requirements completed, including transfer of credit approvals and receipt of official transcripts, by June 30 of the year in which their diploma will be dated. After June 30 of that year, a student completing requirements will need to update their degree request for August. The diploma will have a completion date of August.

Adding a Major, Option, or Minor to an Existing Degree

After a bachelor’s degree has been conferred by the college, students may apply for readmission for the purpose of adding a major, minor, or option to that degree. See the section of the catalog titled Dual Majors, Dual Degrees, and/or Second Degrees for a statement of this policy.

Students intending to pursue this plan should contact the degree auditor as soon as their plans are certain. Such students will be classified as Special Students and will be assigned an advisor, eligible to register at Initial Registration, and audited for program completion in the usual way. Upon completion of the new program, transcript notations will be updated, but students will not receive additional degrees or diplomas.

Students who wish to pursue a different bachelor’s degree should consult the Dual Degrees section of the catalog.


Additional Questions?

If you have questions regarding degree requests, audits, or other issues related to program completion, please contact the degree auditor in the Registrar’s Office in Speare, Telephone (603)535-2345.