Residency Information

Following is general information on the requirements for reclassification to in-state tuition status at Plymouth State University. This information is based on the residency rules of the University System of New Hampshire and is intended as an aid to those considering an application for reclassification. It is not a complete statement of the system residency regulations, and in any issue of interpretation, only the official residency regulations apply.

If after considering this information you with to appeal your residency status, complete the application. Detailed information on regulations and an application for a residency appeal may be obtained hereThe deadline for consideration for reclassification effective Fall term is September 1, and the deadline for Spring term is January 1. 

Mail your completed application to:

Residency Officer
Office of the Registrar
Speare 205
Plymouth State University
Plymouth, NH 03264

For Dependent Students

A dependent student is one supported wholly or in part by his or her parents or legal guardian. The domicile (a person’s true, fixed and permanent home) of a dependent student is considered to be the domicile of his or her father and mother provided both are living or in the case of legally separated or divorced parents, either a parent with legal custody or a parent providing more than one-half of total financial support.

To be considered a New Hampshire resident for tuition purposes, a dependent student must be domiciled in New Hampshire and his or her parent or legal guardian must be domiciled in New Hampshire. To be domiciled in New Hampshire, a person must have established permanent residency in the state for at least twelve months prior to the semester for which reclassification is sought.

Some of the evidence that may be required to prove a New Hampshire domicile are:

  • Residence of parent and student reported on federal or state tax forms
  • Registration of parent’s and student’s automobiles
  • State issuing parent’s and student’s driver’s license
  • Voting residence of parent and student
  • Payment of tax levied by the state or locality on persons domiciled therein
  • Proof of date that permanent residency was established in NH

Note that it is not sufficient for a dependent student simply to acquire a New Hampshire driver’s license or register to vote in the state. Nor is it sufficient for the parent or legal guardian to own property in New Hampshire. For a dependent student to be considered for reclassification, the domicile of the student and the parent or legal guardian must be New Hampshire and permanent residency must have begun at least twelve months before the term for which reclassification is sought.

For Independent Students

To be considered independent (or emancipated), a student must meet several tests. The most significant are lack of financial support by the parents or legal guardian, failure of the parent to claim the person as a dependent on her or his income tax return, and establishment by the student of a domicile separate and apart from that of the parents.

The system rules stipulate that no one is eligible for in-state tuition unless she or he established that her or his residence in New Hampshire is for some purpose other than obtaining an education. Thus, a student claiming to be independent has the burden of proving both domicile in New Hampshire for some purpose other than obtaining an education and of financial independence. She or he will be asked to submit for herself or himself the same sort of evidence listed above for dependent students, as well as evidence that she or he is not longer financially dependent on parents and was not claimed as a dependent on the parent’s federal income tax return.

Further, if an independent student has been enrolled at Plymouth State as a matriculated (degree-seeking) student, he or she may not be reclassified to in-state while remaining continuously matriculated. Such a student must withdraw from the university and may not attend as a matriculated student for a period of twelve consecutive months. During that year, he or she may attend PSU as a part-time continuing education student only. At the end of the year, the student must apply for readmission in order to resume status as a matriculated student.