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Visit Financial Aid and/or Student Account Services for information from those offices.

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Links to courses below represent what is being offered for the undergraduate general education directions and connections courses in the session when the schedule is published.  As enrollments will change throughout registration, please start here to reference the full list, but once on the Directions or Connections page, select Modify Search to find open seats.

FALL 2019

NOTE: completed forms may be submitted to the Registrar’s Office using any of the following methods: delivered in person, faxed, mailed, or e-mailed to as a PDF attachment.

All forms on this page are available in Adobe PDF unless otherwise noted.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, please visit Adobe, Inc, to download a copy free.  Online forms will require your PSU User Credentials.

Before selecting a form, please see the current Academic Catalog for complete policy details.

Early Spring/Spring 2019 Sessions
Summer 2019 Sessions
Fall 2019 Sessions

Enrollment Verification

Plymouth State University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide enrollment verifications.

Enrollment Certificates may be obtained (at the earliest) two weeks prior to the start of the fall and spring sessions from the NSC website.  Students may access the service by logging into myPlymouth and choosing the Enrollment Verification link in Self Service.

For verifications prior to that, students should submit a copy of their schedule – also obtained via myPlymouth – to the requester.

Loan Deferment

Plymouth State University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide enrollment information for loan deferments

The student completes the Borrower Information sections and signs the form.

  • If the form is for the FFELP/Direct Loan program, the student will complete sections (1-3) and sign the form.
  • If the form is for another loan program, the student still fills out the borrower information and signs the form before submitting to the RO

Submit the entire deferment form to the registrar’s office.

**Caution** If the document contains sensitive information (ie: social security number), please do not email unless you can password protect the document.***

You may submit the form in person (Speare 115) or by mail.

Mailing Address:
 Plymouth State University
 17 High Street, MSC #7
 Plymouth, New Hampshire 03264
  • If your form arrives before the term begins, the registrar’s office will process.
  • If the request/form arrives during the term, and it is an FFELP/Direct Loan Program form the registrar’s office will forward to the NSC for processing.
  • If the request/form arrives during the term, and it is not an FFELP/Direct Loan Program form the registrar’s office will process.

For enrollment verification or certification purposes, the following categories are used for undergraduate students during the fall and spring sessions:

12.0 credits or more Full-time
6.0 to 11.5 credits At least half-time
Fewer than 6.0 credits Less than half-time

For enrollment verification or certification purposes, the following categories are used for graduate students during the fall, spring, and summer sessions:

6.0 credits or more Full-time
3.0 credits At least half-time
Fewer than 3.0 credits Less than half-time
Categories are based on the number of credits in which students are enrolled on the date the verification or certification letter is prepared.

Continuing Education student is one who is not matriculated (not admitted into a degree program).  A continuing education student may enroll in PSU credit-bearing courses as long as you have met the eligibility requirements.


The eligibility requirements for enrolling in credit-bearing courses include:

  • a high school diploma or equivalent
  • demonstrated successful academic performance
  • successful completion of all course prerequisites

*The University reserves the right to restrict registration to those who can demonstrate the completion of the above requirements and to withdraw a student who upon request fails to provide proper documentation or who demonstrates unacceptable performance once enrolled.

Student Course Load

Continuing education and part-time students may register for a maximum of 11.5 credit hours during the fall or spring sessions, 6.0 credit hours during the Early Spring session and 9.0 credit hours during the summer session.


Use our course search function for a list of courses offered Fall, Early Spring (January intensive), Spring, and Summer sessions


If you want to take a course from the regular schedule for your own interest or development but not for credit, you may register to audit a course. You will not be required to complete the normal class requirements and you will not receive a grade. An auditor pays one-half of the course tuition plus the mandatory fees per credit. Exceptions are skill, studio and professional courses, for which full tuition is charged.

Continuing Education Loans

Continuing Education Loan (if needed) may be borrowed if a student is not admitted into a degree program and therefore not eligible for Federal loan programs. These loans should only be applied for as a last resort. For non-degree Continuing Education undergraduate students (early spring or summer terms), payment for classes is due at the time of registration. We strongly recommend that you apply early for your loan to ensure that it’s in place by the billing or registration due dates.

For general counseling and information, continuing education students (non-degree) should contact the Office of the Registrar, or call (603) 535-2345.