Undergraduate Course Registration Guide

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Log into myPlymouth

Go to https://my.plymouth.edu
Log in with your email username and password.

Getting Help

For course and registration questions contact the Registrar’s Office at psu-registrar@plymouth.edu (603)535-2345

For myPlymouth connection or login issues contact the Information Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk
helpdesk@plymouth.edu  (603) 535-2929.   Or use their live chat service at campus.plymouth.edu/it/

What is a CRN and why is it so important? CRN stands for “Course Reference Number” and is a five digit number that is assigned to every course section offered. BANNER uses CRNs to distinguish different sections of same course from each other. When you register in BANNER, rather than entering the course subject, course number and section number, you will be required to enter the CRN assigned to the section you would like.
Important: Please Note
New students should not drop any courses in to which they were pre-registered.  These courses are required by your program and must be completed in your first semester.  All personal selections (First Year Seminar or Directions courses) must work with your existing schedule.  

Build, Save, and Submit Your Schedule

  1. Log in to myPlymouth.
  2. Click on Services tab.
  3. Click on Student.
  4. Click on Registration.
  5. Select Add/Drop Classes.
  6. Select the term in which you wish to register.
  7. Enter your WEBREG PIN.
  8. There are two ways to add a course:

*  Register via Course Reference Number (CRN):
–  Type CRN’s into the worksheet at the bottom of the page.
–  Click “Submit Changes”.

*  Register by searching for a course:
–  Click “Class Search” at the bottom of the page.
–  Select Subject, click Course Search (See Advanced Search Below).
–  From the list of courses returned, select the course(s) for which you would like to register by clicking the checkbox to the left.

Click “Register
***Using Advanced Search allows you to search by a number of different criteria. Please see reverse for course search terms and tips.
9.  Courses successfully added will appear at the top of the page under “Current Schedule”. You’re done!

Viewing Your Schedule

  1. Log in to myPlymouth.
  2. Click on Student, then Registration.
  3. Select the type of schedule you wish to view:

Detail Schedule – This option displays all courses for which you are registered in a list type format. It includes time and date information, as well as instructor contact etc.

Day/Time Schedule–This options displays all the courses for which you are registered in a calendar block type format.

*Note – You will need to click on the “Next Week” button at the top right of the calendar to view a  full week schedule.

Dropping Courses

  1. Log in to myPlymouth.
  2. Click on Services tab.
  3. Click on Student.
  4. Click on Registration.
  5. Select Add/Drop Classes.
  6. Select the term in which you wish to register.
  7. Enter your pin.
  8. To drop a course, select the “Drop Via Web ” option from the drop-down list under “Action” next to the course you wish to drop.
  9. Click “Submit Changes” to process the drop.
 PLEASE NOTE: Students have until the 7th day of the semester to drop a course without penalty.
What is a Direction attribute? A Direction attribute identifies a course that meets a particular general education requirement. Most majors require two courses from each of the four Direction areas: Creative Thought (CTDI), Past and Present (PPDI), Self and Society (SSDI) and Scientific Inquire (SSDI). Use Advanced Search to search for courses in one or all of the attribute areas.

Search Term Definitions

Subject: You must select at least one subject to do a search. Click on subject.To choose multiple ,CTRL+ click subject, to choose all select 1st SUBJ + shift end
 Course Number:   You can search by part or all of course #, ie 1200 or 12
 Title: The title of the course from the course catalog. If you search by title, you can search by any keyword in the title
 Credits: Total number of credits a course is worth
 Part of Term: Use to search for courses that meet for a particular part of a term,i.e.full-term, first half, second half, etc.
 Instructor: Course instructor, search for multiple by CTRL + click
 Session: Identifies special section types; ie online courses
 Attribute: Course that meets a particular requirement; see tip for details.
 Start:   Search for classes that start no earlier than specified time
 End:   Search for classes that end no later than specified time
 Days:   Search for classes that meet only on specified days
 Keywords: Keyword search against Subject,Title, and Instructor

Description of Search Results Headers

CRN:   Course Reference Number – Identifies a specific section of course; click on CRN for more information and to email instructor
 Subj: Letter code for the subject of the course
 Crse: Number code for the Course Number
 Sec: Course section
 Cmp: Campus; MN=Main Title: Title of the course
 Days: Days of the week the course meets Time: Time of day the course meets
 Cap: The total number of seats for a course   Act: Actual number of seats for course
 Rem:   Remaining seats
 Instructor: Instructor(s) of course
 Date:   (MM/DD),  Semester dates
 Location:   Location where the course will meet