Grant Proposal Process

Steps to Submit a Proposal

The following is a guide to help faculty and students find funding to prepare and submit a grant application/proposal at Plymouth State University.

For Reference:

UNH Quick Guide for PI’s and Project Directors

Explore Funding

You can find a list of funding opportunity search sites here: Funding Opportunities.

If you aren’t quite sure where or how to begin this process, please don’t hesitate to contact our office

Identify Guidelines

Each sponsor has different guidelines for preparation and submission of an application, but there are some general steps that most sponsors require:

  • Obtain program announcement or solicitation (RFP, NOFO, etc.)
  • Review program guidelines for eligibility and any funding restrictions
  • Note submission deadline to ensure enough time to prepare a strong application
  • Review forms and content specifications, selection criteria, and method of submission
Complete an Intent to Submit Form

The first step in our application process is to fill out the Intent to Submit form. Once this is filled out, the Center for Research & Innovation will contact you to discuss your proposal.

Office of Sponsored Programs staff will assist with application preparation and submission, which includes:

  • Program guidelines review
  • Application timeline development (PSU proposal timeline)
  • Provide administrative information and budgetary requirements
Develop a Budget
  1. Develop a “Working” Budget. Most sponsors require the use of specific budget forms, but beginning the process by utilizing an internal document will allow you to finalize the budget before completion of the application form. The current PSU Federally Negotiated Indirect Costs and Fringe Benefit rates are integrated into these templates and will calculate automatically. Should you have a proposal that stipulates a lesser rate, please contact the OSP. Please see PSU Budget Development Guide for more detailed instructions.
  2. Fill out the PSU OSP budget template.
  3. Make sure all costs are appropriate to the program.
  4. Forward draft budget to the Office of Sponsored Programs for review.

PSU Indirect Cost Rate Agreement

USNH Additional/Supplemental Pay Policy

PSU Institutional Base Salary Policy

PSU Additional/Supplemental Pay Form

PSU Indirect Cost Recovery Policy (pending policy update)

Prepare Internal Documents

All required internal documents must be prepared and submitted to the Office of  Sponsored Programs before the application is submitted.

An Internal Review Approval Form must be reviewed and signed by the Principal Investigator/Project Director, co-PI/PDs, and other Administrators as applicable based on specifics of the budget. (It is recommended that this process is begun no less than five business days prior to the grant application deadline.)

A Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure Form is required as applicable. If the application is being submitted to a Sponsor governed by the Public Health Service regulations then the Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Disclosure Form for PHS-Funded Projects must be submitted.

PSU COI Disclosure Form

PSU FCOI for PHS-Funded Projects Policy

PSU FCOI for PHS-Funded Projects Disclosure Form

Prepare Application

Prepare the application using the sponsor forms and guidelines. Work closely with the Office of Sponsored Programs to complete all necessary forms. Keep in mind that:

  • Restrictions on the number of pages, font size, margin size, and all of the required formatting/forms ARE taken seriously. If these specifications are not adhered to, the proposal can be returned without review.
  • If your research involves the use of Human and/or Animal subjects or the use of biohazard or radioactive materials, you must contact the appropriate Compliance Office to ensure that necessary pre-application actions are taken. {Note: Some sponsors require Internal Review Board and other approvals prior to proposal submission, while others accept applications that are pending approval. Review the guidelines carefully!}
Collaborating with another Institution?

If you are collaborating with another institution for your application, the following materials must be obtained from the collaborating institution:

Submit Application to the Office of Sponsored Programs

Prior to submission to an external sponsor, all grant proposals are reviewed by OSP for compliance with University policies, prospective sponsor requirements, and all applicable laws and regulations. The Director of OSP is the authorizing official for all proposal submissions.