Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer

Intellectual property management at Plymouth State University (PSU) is the process of identifying, protecting and utilizing intellectual property through licensing, materials transfer, and broader commercialization efforts. While the federal Bayh-Dole Act requires educational institutions to report inventions resulting from federally funded projects, PSU facilitates policy required innovation management for IP resulting from both these and other sponsored projects or endeavors, as well as IP created while contractually obligated and utilizing PSU resources. Intellectual property disclosures are required as governed by PSU’s Intellectual Property Policy and provide potential financial and other benefits to both the creator and PSU.

Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer Services

IP and Tech Transfer services are provided by PSU in conjunction with the University System of New Hampshire and the private intellectual asset firm, Tremonti Consulting.

Step 1: Identification and Disclosure of IP
Step 2: Commercial Assessment
Step 3: Option to Maintain or Release IP
Step 4: Intellectual Property Protection
Step 5: Commercialization

Policies, Forms, and Educational Materials

Please refer to PSU’s Intellectual Property Policy and the resources located under the Educational Materials section for helpful information.

Policies and Forms

Educational Materials

The following tools and educational materials were prepared by TreMonti Consulting for use by both Plymouth State University and Keene State College.

Why do we need an Intellectual Property Policy?

Intellectual Property Definitions and Terms

Intellectual Property Types (graphic)

Intellectual Property Protection—Source Law, Types & Scope of Protection