Timeline for Proposal Submission

*Late Proposal Policy: OSP will make every effort to submit late proposals, but cannot guarantee that such proposals will be adequately reviewed, internally approved, or submitted by the sponsor deadline. If OSP determines that a proposal does not meet the minimum University and sponsor policies, the proposal will be returned without submission.

*Days Action Guidelines Required Forms Link
15 Notice of Pending Submission submitted to OSP It is a required first step to fill out the Intent to Submit Form (found on the OSP homepage)
up to 120 days prior to the sponsor deadline.
Intent to Submit Form
10 Draft of Budget & Justification submitted to OSP Keep in mind that proposals including sub-awards and cost share require additional coordination, documentation, and approvals OSP Budget template
5 Internal Review Approval Form submitted to OSP The IRA requires review and approval submission number/signature by OSP followed by the PI and Co-PI’s, Cluster Budget Administrator, Director of Center for Research & Innovation, and Provost-VPAA (PI’s responsibility to obtain all signatures). Internal Review Approval Form
4 Semi-Final Draft of Full Application submitted to OSP This allows OSP to review the proposal and/or application package against sponsor guidelines and identify any significant issues. See Final Application Requirements
2 Final Version of Full Application submitted to OSP Electronic Proposals: all required forms have been completed, uploaded, and submitted to OSP for final review/submission.
Hardcopy Proposals: The same guidelines as above apply, however, it is required that the PI make arrangements for photocopying/submitting hardcopy proposals. If the proposal requires a signed form or letter from OSP, one will be sent to the PI for inclusion.
Sponsor Electronic Validation: Online submission systems, such as Grants.gov, require validations that often take up to 48 hours before providing receipt of confirmation by the sponsor agency for review. Some sponsors (USDA, NIH) utilize error validations and applications must be accepted by Grants.gov and sponsor systems error free PRIOR to the submission deadline.
Please allot yourself enough time for this process.
Following as may be required

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
PHS Financial Conflcit of Interest Disclosure Form
PSU Intellectual Property Disclosure Form
Subrecipient Commitment Form