Community Advisor

Why be a Community Advisor?

Being a Community Advisor (CA) is a great way to develop leadership skills that you will use while here at Plymouth State University and beyond.  You will be a positive role model who contributes to maintaining a positive community in our residence halls.  CAs are a valuable resource to our students that live on campus.

What you will learn on the job?

Community Advisors gain experience in areas such as:

  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership Skills
  • Creative Programming
  • Community Development
  • Team Development
  • Crisis Management
  • Mediation

How much will I make? (Compensation)

For more information on compensation, please see the full position description, included in the application packet.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants for the CA position should have a 2.5 cumulative GPA and have lived in a residence hall for at least one semester. If you have questions regarding your qualifications, please see your Residence Director or contact Noelle Ferris via email or via phone at (603) 535-2260.

Can I be a successful CA?

Successful CAs come from all different cultures and backgrounds, seek rewarding challenges, enjoy engaging with their peers and are able to provide information to students about life at Plymouth State University.

Community Advisor Position Description

The Community Advisor (CA) is a student employed by Residential Life as a para-professional to support the philosophy and strive to enhance the mission of Plymouth State University and the Department of Residential Life in the daily responsibilities of the position.

The CA is primarily involved in creating a community environment that is focused on student success and student learning. In order to accomplish this, the CA is expected to play a variety of constantly changing roles. The CA must be flexible and creative in meeting the needs of residents by serving as an educator, counselor, advisor, and activity programmer. This position requires a serious time commitment and willingness to be available and accessible to students.

The CA receives direct supervision from the Residence Director (RD) of the residence hall they are assigned to.

Click here to download a PDF of the complete CA job details.