Desk Attendant

The mission of Plymouth State University’s Department of Residential Life and Dining Services is to provide a safe and enriching environment where our students live, learn, and grow.

The Desk Attendant position is fulfilled by a Plymouth State University work-study-eligible student who represents the Department of Residential Life and Dining Services while working at the front desk of campus Residence Halls. If you have questions regarding your qualifications, please see your Residence Director or contact Noelle Ferris via email or via phone at (603) 535-3012.


  1. Create a welcoming environment for residents and guests to the residential area
    • Welcome students and guests to the Residence Hall
    • Greet everyone with a smile and acknowledge that you notice them entering the building
    • Greet everyone as they approach the desk and verbally ask how you can help
    • Register and sign in residents’ overnight guests
    • Demonstrate that the Department of Residential Life and Plymouth State University are committed to quality service
  2. Provide administrative support to Residence Director and Community Advisors
    • Check out games, supplies and entertainment to residents
    • Direct questions to the appropriate resources
    • Have functional knowledge of all student services
    • Create and post signage as required
    • Conduct lock-outs as needed
    • Complete additional tasks as assigned by Residence Director
  3. Maintain a positive living environment
    • Record and report work orders and maintenance requests
    • Maintain organization of office space
    • Clean auxiliary rooms (fitness rooms, laundry room tidiness, study rooms, recycling areas)
    • Encourage residents to dispose of trash and recycling in appropriate areas while surveying common areas
    • Light cleaning and maintenance, as needed


  1. Must not misuse or abuse the privilege of the building master key. This includes:
    • Removing the master key from the building
    • Lending the master key to residents
    • Using the master key for purposes other than to perform responsibilities of their position
  2. While behind the front desk:
    • Complete any tasks left by the Residence Director or CAs as your first priority
    • If there are no building-specific tasks to be completed, a computer may be used for educational purposes, but movies and games should not be played for entertainment
    • Friends and CAs may be behind the desk as well, as long as they are not interfering with the Desk Attendant’s job responsibilities

Click here to download a PDF of this job description.