Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions students and parents ask regarding on-campus housing and dining at PSU.

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Who is required to live on campus?
Can I commute?
Can I move off campus after the first semester?
Where can I read the lease agreement?
Where do first-year students live?
Where do continuing students live?
Can a continuing student room with an incoming first year student?
Am I able to have a roommate who is not a student?
Can I move in early?
What are the housing rates?
Billing Process
What are the available meal plans?
What is a swipe?
How do I find out how many dining swipes are left on my meal plan?
I'm running out of meal swipes, what do I do?
How do I change my meal plan?
What if I have a vacancy in my assigned room?
How do I get assigned a room?
How do I choose a roommate?
How do returning students choose housing?
When will I know my assignment?
Can I change my room after I move in?
How do I request a room change?
What is the room change process?
Can I build a loft in my room?
Can I bring my own rug?
Can I decorate the walls?
Can I have a refrigerator?
Do I need curtains?
How much space is under the bed?
What furniture is provided in the rooms?
What sizes are the mattresses and beds?
What can I bring?
Do I need insurance to cover my belongings?
Are telephone services provided?
Will my room have cable TV? Internet?
Are there any smoking residence halls?
How much does laundry cost?
Are cooking facilities available?
Is there storage space available?
What forms of transportation are available on and off campus?
What banks are available?
Whom do I call with questions about Orientation?