Housing Selection Process

For Continuing Students

All continuing students are eligible for campus housing in Res North- Mary Lyon (limited spaces), Merrill Place, Langdon Woods, and University Apartments. Traditional residence halls are reserved for the First Year Residential Experience (FYRE).

Housing Selection is an online process except where otherwise indicated.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the Housing Selection process for 2019-2020.

Housing Selection ProcessFAQs

Applications: Students may access the online application starting early March. Only students who have initiated their application at least 24 hours before times are sent will receive a selection time.

3 Phases: The selection process begins after spring break and has 3 phases, Single Selection, Quad Selection, and ResNorth Selection. The majority of the selection process will take place online and access will be granted based on ranking number.

Ranking Numbers:Housing selection times are based on Seniority/Ranking Number- a formula of age and credits. Ranking numbers will be available on the status page of your housing application. For accepted groups of 2-4 the average of the group’s ranking numbers will be used to determine selection time for the entire group. The lower the ranking number, the earlier the selection time.

Proxies: Students/roommate groups that are unable to book a space at their appointed time may request a proxy. Proxy forms are available on the reslife web page under important docs and info and must be submitted the day before the start of each phase (4/1- single selection, 4/8- quad selection and 4/15- ResNorth selection).


  • All students required to live on campus are expected to participate in the selection process. Those that do not will have a reservation fee, equivalent to a double room charge, added to their student account.
  • If you are over 25 years of age, and interested in living on campus, please contact The Office of Residential Life for a ranking number.
  • Students not required to live on campus, will be bound by the lease when a space has been selected. On-campus housing is not a backup; do not select a space unless you plan to live on campus.
  • Be sure to initiate your housing application at least 7 days prior to the 1st day of the selection phase for which you plan to participate, in order to receive a selection time for the corresponding phase.
  • It is recommended that students who are not seeking a private space or were unable to book a room during single selection, accept enough roommates to fill a room/apt/suite.
  • Partial groups will attend the in-person session of the ResNorth phase at their appointed time in the Office of Residential Life.
Single Selection

Quad Selection

ResNorth Selection

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