Housing Selection Process

For Continuing Students

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the Housing Selection process for 2018-2019.

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Live–on Requirement: Students who have not resided on campus for 2 years (1-year for students who transferred to PSU this year) or those with fewer than 45 credits as of January 2018, are required to live on campus and should participate in the housing selection process. Those required to live on campus who do not select housing, will be assigned to available spaces and the default meal plan.

Applications: Students may access the online application starting early March. Only students who have initiated their application, at least 24 hours before times are sent, will receive a selection time.

3 Phases: The selection process begins after spring break and has 3 phases, Single Selection, Quad Selection, and ResNorth Selection. The majority of the selection process will take place online and access will be granted based on ranking number.

Ranking Numbers: Ranking numbers are determined by a formula based on age and credits. Ranking numbers determine individual selection/access times. The student with the lowest ranking number, within a roommate group, will select housing for the entire group at their appointed selection time.

Proxies: Students/roommate groups that are unable to book a space at their appointed time may request a proxy. Proxy forms are available in the Office of Residential Life and must be submitted the day before the start of each phase (4/2- single selection, 4/9- quad selection and 4/16- ResNorth selection).

Housing selection is an online process except where otherwise indicated. It is recommended that students seeking multi-occupancy spaces confirm roommates for the desired occupancy. Partial Groups will attend the in-person session of the ResNorth Phase, at their appointed time in the Office of Residential Life.

Single Selection

Quad Selection

ResNorth Selection

Housing Application Process – 2018 Returning/Current Students

Applications available Early March

  • Getting Started- Welcome
  • Housing Lease and Dining Contract- read and confirm your understanding of the lease by checking the appropriate boxes and adding your PSU ID number. Students who are not required to live on campus are not bound by the lease until they have selected a space on campus.
  • Emergency Contact- please complete this step and be sure to include the required information.
  • Special Consideration- 3 text boxes:
    • The first is to indicate a request for an accommodation for a documented disability. If you are requesting specific accommodations due to a disability (medical, physical, psychological or temporary) you must provide appropriate documentation to Campus Accessibility Services in order for your request to be considered. Requests are reviewed jointly by Residential Life and Campus Accessibility Services and can take up to 30 days for approval/consideration.
    • The second is to indicate any dietary preferences, special diets etc. for use by dining services to help improve the student dining experience.
    • The third is for other requests ex. cultural considerations, roommate who is not a continuing student or not same gender. Please know that requests for a preferred space due to a condition that does not meet the disability level, are considered based on availability.
  • Profile- Please complete your profile to accurately represent your interests and habits in order to find the best match. This information may be used in roommate selection and may be shared with other students.
  • Roommate Search Profile- This optional section allows you to search for and communicate with prospective roommates. If you do not want to participate in this process, simply leave the “opt-in” check box blank and click on the Save & Continue button. You will then select a space during the in-person session of the ResNorth phase. If you checked the “opt-in” box, your profile as well as your screen name and description will be viewable by other students. Your anonymity will be preserved (as long as you use a non-identifiable screen name) until you choose to communicate with and select a specific roommate. Screen names and descriptions must be appropriate, not reference any illegal items or activities, shall not use profanity, or disparage individual or protected groups. Profiles that violate these expectations will be disabled.
    • If you know your preferred roommates and they have the same gender and status (i.e. continuing- graduate or undergraduate), be sure to click the ”opt-in” box and share your screennames so you can easily request and confirm each other in the next step.
    • If you have preferred roommates who do not have the same gender or status (e.g. new or transfer student, undergrad vs grad), please opt-out of this process and put the full name(s) and PSU ID number(s) of your preferred roommate(s) in the 3rd text box of the special consideration step. Be sure they do the same on their applications.

The Roommate Request and Matching Step

  • Roommate Requests and Matching – Here, you can search for and request possible roommates. If you do not wish to choose a roommate using this method, please attend the in-person session of the ResNorth selection phase to choose your space.
    • Only screen names will be visible until your roommate request is confirmed/accepted. If you already have a roommate in mind, be sure to share screen names so you may request each other. You must check the “opt-in” box in order to been seen by other continuing students.
    • Please note that roommate requests must be confirmed/accepted in a timely manner to be honored. We also recommend discussing and agreeing to housing preferences with potential roommates.
    • You are NOT required to choose a preferred roommate. If you do not wish to search for a roommate, you can simply click Save & Continue at the bottom of the page.
    • If you are pursuing a coed space, you will need to attend the in-person session of the ResNorth phase with your preferred roommate(s).

The following steps are available during your specified selection times

  • Room Selection- In this section you are able to book a space on campus. For detailed information, please visit the Residential Life website for the Single, Quad and ResNorth phases of the Housing Selection process.
    Finalize the application process- after you have selected your fall assignment complete the following steps to finalize the selection process.
  • Meal Plan Selection- All first and second year students residing in a residence hall on campus are required to select one of the designated meal plans. Students who are 21 or older and living in a residence hall are not required to be on a meal plan.
    • Students in university apartments are not required to be on a meal plan but may opt to choose one.
    • Students required to be on a meal plan who fail to make a self-selection will be placed on the default meal plan and billed accordingly.
    • Upper-division students (3rd year and beyond) regardless of where they live on campus or off-campus are eligible for the restricted meal plan.
    • Most meal plans include Board FlexCash. For information regarding FlexCash click here.
  • Confirmation- done!
  • If you have any questions please contact the Office of Residential Life reslife@plymouth.edu or 535-2260.

Does it matter when I fill out my housing application?

Can I edit my application?

Why can’t I select a space?

How do I request a roommate of a gender other than mine?

Why can’t I find my preferred roommate using the search tool?
Can a continuing student room with an incoming first year student?

How does a current student request a transfer student as a roommate?

How can a Grad student apply for housing?

Can I get a single room?

What if I opted out of the roommate matching but I am not looking for a single or a single is not available?

Can I keep my current assignment?

What if I want an apartment but there aren’t any available during my selection time?

What if I am not available at my selection time to choose a space on campus?

Who can select a space online and who must attend the in-person sessions of the selection process?

What happens when a roommate request is not mutual?

How many roommates can a student request and confirm?

  • Ranking numbers are based on a formula of age and credits. The lower the number the earlier the selection time. The student with the lowest ranking number of an accepted group will have first access to select a space for the entire group. Individual ranking numbers will be emailed to all students via PSU email prior to selection.
  • An accepted group is a group of 2-4 students who all request and confirm each other as roommates.
  • A booking is a room selection.
  • Selection times are based on ranking number and will be sent via PSU email on the Thursday before each of the three phases.
  • 1/1 apartment = private/ 1-person 1-bedroom (private bedroom apartment available during single selection)
  • 2/1 apartment = 2-person 1-bedroom (shared bedroom apartment available during ResNorth selection)
  • 4/2 apartment = 4-person 2-bedroom (shared bedroom apartment available during Quad selection)
  • 2/2 apartment = 2-person 2-bedroom (private bedroom apartment available during ResNorth selection)
  • ResNorth: Merrill Place, Langdon Woods, Mary Lyon (limited spaces), and University Apartments
  • Continuing Student: A student currently enrolled at PSU whether on or off campus, including students returning to campus in the fall from a leave of absence or study away program.
  • Proxy: Students/roommate groups that are unable to book a space at their appointed time may request a proxy. Proxy forms are available in the Office of Residential Life and must be submitted the day before the start of each phase (4/2- single selection, 4/9- quad selection and 4/16- ResNorth selection). This generally only applies to students/groups that need to attend the in-person session.
  • Housing Selection – the process whereby continuing students choose housing for the next academic year.
    • 3 Phases – Single Selection, Quad Selection and ResNorth Selection
    • 2 Sessions – Online and In-person:
      • Online – for singles and accepted groups of continuing students of the same status and gender that can fill a room/suite/apartment
      • In-person – for individuals who are not part of a group and do not have preferred roommates. For roommate groups where one (or more) roommate(s) is not a continuing PSU student (i.e. new or transfer), if the roommate group is coed, if the roommate group consists of both grad and undergrad students, if the roommate group cannot fill the desire room occupancy.
      • *In-person process may have delays therefore it is recommended that students accept enough roommates to fill a room/suite/apartment in order to participate in the online session of each phase.

All rates are Per Person, Per Semester
Occupancy Res Hall / Location Rate Per Semester
Quad Mary Lyon $3,200
Triple Mary Lyon $3,200
Triple w/ Bathroom Langdon Woods $3,500
Double Mary Lyon $3,650
Double w/ Bathroom Merrill Place, Langdon Woods $3,950
Single Mary Lyon (limited) $4,300
Single-in-suite MP (2 sgl/1 bthrm), LW (4 sgl/1 bthrm & com. room) $4,700
Single w/ Bathroom Merrill Place, Langdon Woods $5,000
Apartment – Shared Bedroom White Mountain Apts. $4,450
Apartment – Private Bedroom Non-Trad Apts. $5,200