Ski Package

2016-2017 PSU Ski Package

Each year area mountains are invited to submit ski-package proposals that are then voted on by Plymouth State students.  The winner for the 2016-2017 PSU Ski Package is Waterville Valley!

Prior to heading to the mountain, please check your eligibility on the appropriate list on myPlymouth (Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student, Faculty & Staff). You can do this by logging into myPlymouth, selecting the “Services” tab at the top of the page, and the lists are under the “General Resources” sub-header.  These lists will be posted by Thanksgiving and change throughout the season, as they are updated to remain current, based on students currently taking classes and faculty and staff currently employed. The Ski Package is completely funded through student activities fees and extended as a perk for our Faculty & Staff by our Student Government. While we do our best to included all active faculty & staff it is not a guaranteed employment benefit. If you do not see your name on the appropriate list and believe you should be, please contact the Student Activities Office at Please be aware that changes to the list may not be possible on the same day.

NOTE: With the current ski season at its end the list of names eligible for the ski package will not be updated again till the fall semester, just before the ski package becomes active again.

Please be advised that you will not be able to purchase a ticket without TWO forms of photo ID. One of the ID’s MUST be a current Plymouth State University ID. (The newer vertical ID with a Panther on it.) If you do not have a current valid PSU ID, please see the Print Shop/ID Center in the HUB during normal business hours. (M-F 8am-4:30pm)

As a current member of the PSU community, the benefits of the ski package are only applicable to you, but you may purchase a discounted guest ticket. Allowing another person to use your ID to purchase a discounted ticket, or misuse of the ski package discounted ticket is against policy and can result in being removed from accessing the benefits of the Ski Package.

  • Allowing another person to use your ID to obtain a lift ticket is a theft of service and violates PSU policies in addition to NH state laws.
  • The privilege of accessing the ski package will be immediately revoked for misuse of an ID and will remain in force for the entire season pending the outcome of a PSU conduct process.
  • Seizure of a student’s ID is a consequence of misrepresenting one’s identity, and students who do not claim their ID will be responsible for obtaining a new ID at the $25 rate in order to continue their meal plan or flex cash service.
  • If your name does not appear on the approved list we cannot refund your money if you choose to pay full price at the mountain that day.

Ski Package Details

 Cost per Ticket    (Co-pay) $5.00
Beginner Packages
  Learn-to-Ski $36.00
  Learn-to-Snowboard $36.00
Rental Packages
  Downhill Skiing $16.00
  Snowboarding $11.00
  Cross Country $10
  Tubing $10 from 10am-4pm, $20 from 4pm-8pm
Downhill Skiing
   Private NA
   Group $11
   Private NA
   Group $11
Winter Carnival Ski Day
   Date February 15, 2017

(PSU ID holders only)

  Services Free group lessons

Free skiing and riding activities

Free entertainment

Free NASTAR race

$10 cook out lunch

Watch for announcement of
2017 Winter Carnival activities at the mountain

Ticket purchases Ticket Window

Dates Available for Discount


No restrictions or blackout days

Dates of Operation
  Anticipated First Day To be announced on the Waterville webpage
  Anticipated Last Day Early-Mid April, 2017
Hours of Operation
  Weekends 8:00am – 4:00pm
  Weekdays 9:00am – 4:00pm
  Nights Snow tubing park is open 7 days a week until 8pm
Guest Passes ONE per day purchased by PSU ID holder

50% off mid-week, 25% off weekend/holiday.