BS Environmental Planning & Geography

Plymouth State University’s programs in Geography and Environmental Planning offer many ways to study the relationships between people and their environment.

For students pursuing a B.S. in Geography, options in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Terrain Analysis let you explore the technical, physical and cultural realms of the discipline through a combination of classroom work and field experiences.

Our B.S. degree program in Environmental Planning promotes thoughtful and appropriate use of the natural environment, global and local sustainability, and respectful community planning.

Both Geography or Environmental Planning majors learn to:

  • Evaluate land-forming processes
  • Perform spatial analysis
  • Interpret maps
  • Use geographic information systems technology
  • Interpret the landscape in terms of best use, environmental hazards and landform evolution
  • Use topographic maps, aerial photographs, satellite images, geologic maps and soil surveys to analyze and solve problems.

Your program in Geography or Environmental Planning will prepare you for a career in geographic information systems, computerized cartography, environmental planning and consulting, education, foreign service or advanced work at the graduate level.

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