Social Work Program

Welcome to the Social Work Program webpage. We assume you have clicked on it because you have some interest or curiosity about the social work major. We hope you will find the information you need regarding our accredited, Bachelor of Science in Social Work program of study. The following pages and links should provide you with the information you need in order to make an informed decision about this course of study. We recognize that attending college is a huge commitment of time and money and you want to make sure that both PSU and Social Work are good fits for you. We want to help you think through this decision and so invite you to contact any of the full-time faculty to meet with you (and with parents) to help with this process.

On the following pages and links, you will learn what this degree can do for you professionally, how to apply for the major, and the requirements once you have been accepted into the major.  Also included are some glimpses of past student academic and professional accomplishments.  Our faculty page talks about who we are and what our interests are. Please feel free to contact any of us for additional information.

As of fall 2016, PSU is moving into a restructuring process which will offer many new, interdisciplinary opportunities to its students. All majors, including social work, will be housed in one of seven “clusters”. Each cluster will have a unifying theme. For more information on where social work fits within this new cluster model, click on the following link.