Student Participation in Program

PSU social work students have a range of roles, responsibilities and opportunities. These are as follows:

  1. Student Organization:

    Social Work Club – Formed in 1990, the club is now a fully recognized and funded student organization with its own by-laws and elected student officers. Club functions include attendance at professional seminars, sponsoring guest speakers on campus, and community service activities. Through the regularly scheduled club meetings, students have a direct means of sharing their thoughts and concerns about the curriculum and program. The club also serves as the mechanism for representation by a student at social work faculty and/or advisory board meetings. A social work faculty member serves as an advisor to the club.

  2. Social Work Program Advisory Board:

    The board provides an opportunity for students in the major to contribute to the program’s educational policies and curriculum content. The President of the Social Work Club is a de facto member of the Social Work Program Advisory Board.

  3. Student Rights and Responsibilities:

    Students in the Social Work program have the following rights and responsibilities:

    1. to learn in an academic environment free of discrimination based on economic status, gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, culture, sex, sexual orientation, political orientation, or physical or mental ability;
    2. to advocate, individually and collectively, for their needs and concerns;
    3. to learn in an academic environment without fear of improper disclosure of confidential information (such as academic records) or improper limitations of freedom of expression or due process of law;
    4. to learn in an academic environment with supportive pedagogical practices such as policies regarding class cancellation and rescheduling, returning papers and exams, and posting and keeping office hours;
    5. to use PSU meeting facilities in accord with University policies; and
    6. to receive recognition for their contributions in faculty or staff research projects or other scholarly works.
  4. PSU Student Handbook:

    The PSU handbook for students is available online. It provides an overview of the services and facilities available to students at PSU.