Transfer Students & Transfer Credits

Transfer students applying for admission to Plymouth State University and students applying for transfer credit for individual courses taken at other institutions follow a two-step assessment process:

First, decisions regarding admission are made by the University’s Admissions Office. The Undergraduate Studies Office determines both acceptance of transfer credits and whether transfer credits are equivalent to General Education and elective courses. University policy regarding transfer of these credits can be found in the Academic Catalog. The Undergraduate Studies Office sends a list of accepted transfer courses to the Social Work Department Chair who decides if the course will be accepted as equivalent to courses required for the major.

Second, decisions regarding continuance in the major are made by the Social Work Program. This policy can be found in the Academic Catalog and Section II of this handbook. Decisions regarding transfer credit for courses that meet the requirements of the social work major are made by the Chair of the Social Work Department. The following program policies and procedures are followed:

  1. A number of non-social work courses are required for the liberal arts foundation for the major. Courses that are accepted for transfer credit as General Education or elective courses will generally be granted credit for the Social Work Program. However, the initial decisions made by the Undergraduate Studies Office regarding these courses are sometimes reviewed on an individual basis by the director of the program. In some cases, additional information (such as course description, syllabi, texts, etc.) may be required by the director to further assess the course and grant equivalency credit.

  2. All social work courses with a grade of C or better from social work programs accredited by the Council on Social Work Education or in Candidacy Status will be applied to the major. In order to receive transfer credit for a social work course taken at a non-accredited social work program, the course must a) be completed with a grade of C or better; and b) be reviewed and approved by the Social Work Program. Decisions regarding transfer credit for these courses are made by the program director after reviewing course descriptions, texts used for the courses, syllabi, course requirements, instructors, and/or other related information.
  3. Transfer credit is not granted for the Social Work Practicum or the Social Work Seminar; the requirements of the practicum experience must be completed at Plymouth State University.

(Approved by Curriculum Committee, 3/18/1994.)