Project News

Partnership Award Recipients-Congratulations to the following students who were selected for participation in our Child Welfare (IV-E) Partnership with the NH Division for Children, Youth, and Families!!!


Mary Devlin

Nicole Petrin


Mary Devlin

Luis Emanuelli

Beth Grossman


Laura Adams

Whitney Linscott

Liani Perez-Moscoso


Laura Adams

Whitney Linscott

Liani Perez-Moscoso

Rebecca Spaziano


Erin Benner

Megan Ham

Meghan Risteen


April Carbee

Lauren Lindenmeyer

Abbey Pellenz


Lindsay Brennan

April Carbee


Julie Alexanian

Diane Leuschner

Shannon Guilfoyle


Alysa Gibson<

Nancy Montgomery

Amanda Scott


Stephanie Collins

Leah Zenaty

Program History

The Title IV-E partnership with the New Hampshire Division of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) supports the program’s curriculum content on child welfare and prepares students to work with children and families through practicum experiences in DCYF district offices.

  • In1996-97, the first child welfare-related course, Child Welfare was offered by the department. The course name changed to Child Welfare and Family Services in 2003-04. This course provides an overview of the development of the child welfare system in the United States, from institutionalized care in the 1800s to the current system of supportive services, foster care, adoption and protective services. The economic condition of children and its impact on the welfare of children is examined. The organization and delivery of child welfare services in the U.S. and New Hampshire is reviewed.

  • In 1999-2000, the department offered a new option in Child and Family Services in the major for Social Work students interested in focusing their study on work with children and families.

  • In 2002-03, the IV-E program incorporated an assessment instrument to evaluate student learning and preparation.

  • In 2003-04, the department added a new minor in Child Welfare and Family Studies for non-majors interested in studying the role of families, schools, the community and government in the health, safety and well-being of children and families.

  • Two additional courses were offered in 2003-04, Families, Schools and the Community and Child Maltreatment. The first focuses on family systems and their interface with school and community, examines family problems and issues, and provides an overview of the role of schools and community in promoting healthy families. Child Maltreatment provides an overview of causes, interventions and treatments used to address abuse, neglect, family violence and psychological maltreatment. The role of poverty, oppression and cultural factors are incorporated in this examination.

  • In 2004-05, the department developed a seminar for students enrolled in the IV-E program, and in 2008-09 began to work with the training bureau at DCYF to incorporate core competencies into the seminar.

  • Christine Rine, Ph.D., MSW joined faculty, 2009-10 as the new Project Coordinator.