Intramural Participant Handbook

This manual is to serve as an informative and procedural guide for all intramural sports participants.  Team captains (or a representative) are expected to become familiar with this manual and abide by the parameters set forth within.  Additionally, captains are asked to share the information outlined in this manual with team participants.  Any questions or comments concerning this manual should be directed to Assistant Director or an Intramural Supervisor.  Recreation Programs reserves the right to change or modify rules, policies or procedures at anytime.

Panther Championship Handbook

Established in 2013, The Panther Championship consists of fifteen (15) Intramural events, competitions and tournaments throughout the fall and spring semesters. Teams will be awarded points based on participation, sportsmanship, and performance. The Panther Championship team with the highest point total at the end of the competition will be the champion.