Guiding Principles

During the plan’s drafting process, a set of guiding principles emerged as unifying themes threading throughout the goals.  These principles are not goals themselves but a set of behavioral guidelines that will be used to guide decision-making, ground the University’s activities with focus and purpose, and aim toward successful achievement of PSU’s goals.  In order for PSU to thrive in the future, the campus community must be a healthy, high-functioning culture.  These principles are designed to help maintain and foster this culture.

  • Prioritize activities that support students’ educational experiences.
    • PSU will strive to provide each student with a high-quality learning experience both inside and out of the classroom and consistent access to developmentally appropriate support services; fund facilities that offer access to necessary (physical & virtual) resources & technology; and provide faculty and staff with professional development opportunities and compensation that result in high-quality teaching & scholarship.
  • Promote and practice the resource stewardship necessary for PSU to thrive.
    • PSU will be aware of and proactively respond to opportunities and threats, both internal and external.
  • Sustain a culture of collaboration, open communication, transparency, respect and trust.
    • PSU will ensure that information and data about the organization must be consistently communicated and easily accessible.
  • Use measurable goals and data to drive decision-making.
    • PSU believes goals must be measurable, clearly communicated, progress evaluated and benchmarks updated, providing faculty and staff with the tools and information needed to support decision-making, planning and accountability.
  • Communicate a consistent, distinctive institutional identity.
    • PSU will establish and promote an identity that communicates that PSU is a singular place academically, physically, and environmentally, clarifying what distinguishes PSU from other universities.