Student Tuition Account Flexcash Purchase Program

Program Description and Guidelines

At the request of the Student Senate, Student Account Services is pleased announce that effective AY2005-2006 we will begin allowing students to purchase FlexCash through a charge on their tuition bill account. There are two ways in which FlexCash can be purchased through Student Account Services.

  1. Students may use part of their overpayment to make a purchase.


  2. Students may charge their tuition account and incur a maximum debt (including all charges) on their account of not more than $100.

The primary purpose of Option 2 is to ensure students have a resource available to them if they have run out meals/food and do not have the financial resources to purchase an additional meal block or FlexCash out-of-pocket. As a result, the following guidelines/rules have been established:

  1. This option will not be available to students during the first two weeks of school.
  2. All other FlexCash purchase options must be exhausted first.
  3. Students that already have an outstanding debt of $100 or greater will not be allowed to participate in this program until such time their account drops below the $100 balance threshold.
  4. Anticipated aid, in most cases, can not be considered when determining a student’s current balance.
  5. The FlexCash charge will be added to the student’s tuition account immediately.
  6. Students must bring their FlexCash charge receipt to Sodexho in order for the funds to be added onto their student ID.
  7. FlexCash charges must be paid within 30 days.
  8. If previous FlexCash charges are outstanding for more than 30 days, the student will be assessed a late fee and denied additional FlexCash until the charges become current.
  9. If a student is repeatedly delinquent with paying off their balance Student Account Services reserves the right to deny the student use of this program.

Requests to utilize either of these payment options must be made in person at Student Account Services, Speare  Administration Building, Room 108.

Rev 01/29/2010