Graduate Student Payment Plans

Payment plans are now open for the 2022-23 academic year!

Payment plans are open to all graduate students admitted to a PSU degree or certificate program.

2022-23 Academic Year Plan Key Features:

  • Payment plans are interest free
  • A $40 per term enrollment fee is required
  • Set it up and forget it — your payment can be automatically withdrawn each month from your savings or checking account.

GR Tuition and Mandatory Fees:  Click here for information on costs to help you determine your payment plan budget amount.

To Enroll and Manage Your Account:

  1. Enroll and register online to view your plan, make online payments and budget adjustments.
  2. Monitor your PSU online bill to be sure it is covered in full and make adjustments as needed to ensure you do not overpay or underpay. (See Plan Notes below for adjustment information.)

2022-23 Academic Year Plan Options*:

2022-23 Graduate Plan Options Fee Enrollment Period Payments Due the 10th of these months:
Summer Plans:
3-pay $40 Apr 1 – May 8 May – July, 2022
Fall Plans:
6-pay $40 Apr 1 – May 8 May – October, 2022
5-pay $40 May 9 – Jun 8 June – October, 2022
4-pay $40 Jun 9 – July 15 July – October, 2022
Spring Plans:
6-pay $40 Oct 1 – Nov 8 Nov 2022 – April, 2023
5-pay $40 Nov 9 – Dec 8 Dec 2022 – April, 2023
4-pay $40 Dec 9 – Jan 15 Jan 2023 – April, 2023

Important Plan Notes:

  • Increases/Decreases
    • Payers can increase their plan at any time.
    • Payers must contact PSU Student Financial Services to decrease their plans.
  • Plans will be automatically cancelled/terminated and course(s) is/are dropped if payment is returned twice.
  • A convenience fee is charged for card payments.

*Please note:  PSU reserves the right to cancel any payment plan category or individual payment plan.