Undergraduate Student Payment Plans

Payment plans are now open for the 2020-21 academic year!

PSU offers payment plans to undergraduate and graduate students in a degree or certificate program.

Key Features of monthly payment plans:        

  • Plans are interest free.
  • Payment options – pay online, by phone, mail, or set up automatic ACH payments. Pay by electronic or paper check, or debit/credit card (convenience charge will apply).
  • Adjustable – amount paid through the plan can be adjusted to accommodate changes such as receiving an unexpected scholarship or choosing to use less in loans. Please see the Plan Notes section below regarding how to make changes.

To Enroll and Manage Your Account:

  1. Enroll and register online to view your plan, make online payments and budget adjustments.
  2. Monitor your PSU online bill to be sure it is covered in full and make adjustments as needed to ensure you do not overpay or underpay. Adjust your plan online or by phone. Payment plans are not automatically adjusted due to changes in the student’s online bill; it is the payer’s responsibility to make adjustments.
2020-21 Undergrad Plan Options* Fee Sign-up Opens 4:00pm Sign-up Ends 4:00pm Payments Due the 10th of these months:
Fall Plans:
6-pay $40 April 18, 2020 May 20, 4:00pm May – October, 2020
5-pay $40 April 18, 2020 June 20, 4:00pm June – October, 2020
4-pay $40 June 20, 2020 Sept 10, 4:00pm July – October, 2020
Spring Plans:
6-pay $40 Sept 27, 2020 Nov 20, 4:00pm Nov 2020 – April, 2021
5-pay $40 Sept 27, 2020 Dec 20, 4:00pm Dec 2020 – April, 2021
4-pay $40  Dec 20, 2020 Jan 28, 4:00pm Jan 2021 – April, 2021
Important Plan Notes:

  • Increases/Decreases
    • Payers can increase their plan at any time.
    • Payers can decrease their Fall plan on or before August 1 or their Spring plan on or before December 5th. After these dates, payers must contact PSU Student Account Services to decrease their plans.
  • Plans will be automatically cancelled/terminated:
    • If payment is 35 days late.
    • A plan has had two or more returned checks.
  • A convenience fee is charged for card payments.

*Please note:  PSU reserves the right to cancel any payment plan category or individual payment plan.

** To be determined.