Undergraduate Student Payment Plans

Please be advised: To set up payment plans we encourage you to use our bill estimator tool. All plans can be adjusted accordingly once bills are available.  Fall semester bills are available the first week of July & Spring semester bills are available first week of November.

Payment plans for the 2022-23 academic year will open on:

APRIL 1st for the Fall term
OCTOBER 1st for the Spring term

PSU offers payment plans to undergraduate and graduate students in a degree or certificate program.

Key Features of monthly payment plans:        

  • Plans are interest free.
  • Payment options – Plans are set up online and monthly payments will be automatically withdrawn each month.  If payments are made with a credit card, convenience charges will be applied..
  • Adjustable – amount paid through the plan can be adjusted to accommodate changes such as receiving an unexpected scholarship or choosing to use less in loans. Please see the Plan Notes section below regarding how to make changes.

To Enroll and Manage Your Account:

To start:  The student must initiate the process! 


    1. Go to your online myPlymouth bill and select “Payment Plan” 
    2. You will be prompted to a log in page where you provide your PSU username and password. 
    3. Complete the required information. 
    4. You will now have access to your Nelnet Homepage where you can manage your account. 

To Invite an Authorized Payer(s): 

  1. Authorized Party (AP) InformationStudent completes the First and Last Name fields.  
  2. Student can check to include the details that make up my balance. This allows the authorized party to view the transaction details that make up the student’s balance.  
  3. Web Access: The student determines whether the authorized party can create an online account by entering their email address. Upon saving, an email will generate to the authorized party inviting them to create a user account.  
  4. Terms and Conditions: Provides information about what they are authorizing.  
  5. Click save and send.  

Authorized Payer(s): 

  1. Authorized Party Authentication: The authorized party will receive an email invitation to create an online account.  For security purposes, they will have to know the correct answer to this security question to gain access to create an online user accountThe AP should contact the student if they do not know the answer to this security question. 
  2. Please check your email for an invite from the student. 
  3. Within that email, you will see a link to create account. 
  4. Create account. 
  5. You will now have access to view the students Nelnet Homepage and make a payment. 
  6. Please visit www.online.campuscommerce.com for future sign in attempts. 

*Please be aware that our new payment system (Nelnet) may not accurately reflect your entire balance. We highly urge students to send a screen shot of your bill as seen on your myPlymouth account and send to your designated Authorized Payer(s) if applicable. 

Please monitor your PSU online bill to be sure it is covered in full and make adjustments as needed to ensure you do not overpay or underpay. Adjust your plan online or by phone. Payment plans are not automatically adjusted due to changes in the student’s online bill; it is the payer’s responsibility to make adjustments.

2022-23 Undergrad Plan Options Fee Enrollment Period   Payments Due the 10th of these months:
Fall Plans:
6-pay $40 Apr 1 – May 8   May – October, 2022
5-pay $40 May 9 – Jun 8   June – October, 2022
4-pay $40 Jun 9 – July 15   July – October, 2022
Spring Plans:
6-pay $40 Oct 1 – Nov 8   Nov 2022 – April, 2023
5-pay $40  Nov 9 – Dec 8   Dec 2022 – April, 2023
4-pay $40  Dec 9 – Jan 15   Jan 2023 – April, 2023
Important Plan Notes:

  • Increases/Decreases
    • Payers can increase their plan at any time.
    • Payers can decrease their Fall plan on or before August 1 or their Spring plan on or before December 5th. After these dates, payers must contact PSU Student Financial  Services to decrease their plans.
  • Plans will be automatically terminated upon an automated payment being returned.
  • A 2.85 percent convenience fee is charged for credit/debit card payments.