Enrollment Withdrawal Refund Schedule

Refunds of Charges:

Refunds of tuition, mandatory fees, course fees and overload fees will be made according to the applicable schedule below.

If a course is cancelled for a part-time student, 100% of all course related tuition and fees will be refunded.

Please note that all charges and fees for academic trips, study away programs, and other off-campus programs are non-refundable.

Students in on-campus or online programs, including Continuing Education (non-degree) students, who drop or withdraw from all of their courses will receive refunds according to the schedule below.  

Spring 2022 Withdrawal From PSU Percentage Refunded
Before the first day of classes, Tuesday, January 18th 100%
Between Tuesday, January 18th to Friday, January 28th 75%
Between Saturday, January 29th to Wednesday, February 16th 50%
On or after Thursday, February 17th 0%

Enrollment, Orientation, Late Fees, and course fees for academic trips are non-refundable.