Starting a Student Organization

Starting a Recognized Student Organization

Thank you for your interest in starting a recognized student organization (RSO) at Plymouth State University (PSU). Outlined below are the steps to become a RSO at PSU. Should you have any questions or concerns throughout this process, please reach out to us in the Student Involvement Office via email ( or phone (603-535-2376), or stop into our office (HUB 032).

Step One: RSO Proposal Form 

The first step of the recognition process for any group wishing to become a Plymouth State University (PSU) recognized student organization (RSO), is for the contact from the proposed organization to complete the RSO Proposal Form for review by the Student Organization Council Committee (SOCC) of the PSU Student Senate. 

Once this form has been submitted, the Chair of SOCC will review with the committee (including the representative to the committee from the proposed organizations’ selected category of organization, and the advisor to the committee, the Director of Student Activities).
The Chair of SOCC will follow-up with the contact provided on this form regarding the proposed organization’s status as an emerging student organization, and the subsequent steps of the recognition process.
Step Two: Constitution 

The second step of the recognition process is for the emerging RSO to send a constitution to SOCC, via email to and The constitution will be reviewed by the committee, and changes may be suggested. Constitutions must be complete, and should follow the constitution template to include requirements for RSOs, such as a statement on membership eligibility that requires all RSOs be open to all matriculated students at PSU and not discriminate.

Link to constitution template

Step Three: Meeting with Student Organization Council Committee 

Third, a meeting with the emerging student organization’s founding point of contact will be set up by the SOCC Chair to discuss the emerging organizations proposal. The meeting will include the founding organization’s designated point of contact and any other representatives from their emerging organization they would like to join (i.e. another founding member of the organization and/or a prospective advisor), the SOCC Chair, the SOCC representative from the proposed organizations’ selected category of organization, and the Director of Student Activities). Once all questions from both parties are adequately answered, and if no additional information is needed from either party, the remainder of the meeting may be used to discuss preparations for the next step in the recognition process.

Step Four: Submission of Materials and Presentation to the Student Senate for Recognition 

Fourth, the designated contact to the emerging organization must submit to SOCC the most updated version of their constitution, and any other applicable documentation (i.e. by-laws, written proposals, power point presentations, etc.) they wish to present to the Student Senate. Materials should be submitted via email to and Upon receipt, the SOCC Chair will verify that all prior steps have been completed by the emerging organization, and any questions or concerns pertaining to the emerging organization have been addressed. The presentation date to the Student Senate for recognition will then be scheduled between the emerging organizations designated point of contact and the SOCC Chair, in conjunction with the Speaker of the Student Senate and the Director of Student Activities. Typically, organizations will spend about 5 minutes presenting, there will be about 5 minutes for questions, and the Senate will deliberate for about 5 minutes before taking a vote on a motion to recognize the organization.

If an organization is not recognized, they must be given a reason and an opportunity to appeal, and to address the reason and seek recognition again after the reason cited has been addressed.

If an organization is recognized, the new RSO must submit a Student Organization Registration Form for the current semester. This form is required each semester for RSOs to remain in active standing, and it collects from all RSOs their officer information, advisor information, membership rosters, and other information relevant to the current, upcoming or previous semester.

If an organization is recognized, the SOCC Chair will send an email to the appropriate offices to request the new RSO be added to all applicable RSO distribution lists and RSO listings, and that all applicable RSO accounts be created; including, an email account, a financial account, and a “25Live” account for scheduling meetings and events.

If an organization is recognized they will be immediately eligible to request student activity funds through the Conference, Event & Activity (CEA) Process. RSOs will be eligible to submit a request for a budget request to be allocated funds from the student activity fee the for their budget for the next fiscal/academic year, if they are recognized prior to the annual Allocations Process. Questions about these processes may be sent to the Chair of the Student Senate Finance Committee, at