Student Life Learning Outcomes

These ten learning outcomes and their corresponding skills were each carefully chosen. Each one aids students in learning necessary life skills that will benefit them both now and after college.

These outcomes are designed to help students become candidates for prospective jobs, become superior members of their community, and to push them to continually look for opportunities to better themselves as individuals.

Students work on meeting these outcomes over the course of their time with the HUB. Their involvement could be through employment, leadership programs, student activities, community service, or recreation programs. Read on to explore each individual outcome below.




Students must take care of themselves, physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and vocationally. Learning to manage time, balance responsibilities, and make responsible decisions that affect overall well-being, will all lead to greater wellness and set students up for success.


Service and Civic Responsibility

Students belong to many communities, whether it is their work, campus, affiliations, or their town community. Students learn the meaning of “giving back” and how to play an active role for a greater purpose.


Tolerance of Ambiguity

Unfortunately there is no job out there that doesn’t throw a curve ball at you every once in a while. Students learn how to step back from a situation, reassess it, and enter the field again with new ideas and in a calm demeanor.  


Appreciation of Differences

We are in a world where we each seek individualism. This skill set focuses on the awareness that each person is entitled to be themselves. Not only do students learn about appreciating others’ differences, but they learn to value themselves as individuals.



Students face challenging experiences whether it is personal or work related. This skill set works on changing their reactions from a tidal wave of emotion and sense of doubt to being able to utilize a “bounce back” effect.



This is a skill that requires students to exert themselves. There will not always be someone helping students continue to build on their abilities and talents. They must learn to assess themselves, while continuously looking to improve their understanding, awareness, and aptitudes.


Goal Orientation

We strive to have students create an organized focus for their tasks, and most importantly be able to carry out those tasks to their completion. Pieces that make up this outcome include being able to look at tasks as a whole, and use problem solving and strategizing to create an effective plan to tackle the […]


Independence and Interdependence

It is equally important to be relied on to get work done alone and as part of team. Students are given opportunities to test both atmospheres. There are various occasions for students to demonstrate their affective ability to perform projects and tasks independently.


Responsbility and Accountability

In life people face difficult scenarios and decisions. Our intention is for students to take ownership over their endeavors and accept consequence of the outcome; thus, allowing students to reflect on those actions to make appropriate decisions in the future.