Board of Directors

Current Board MembersIMG_1136

  • Jackie Fitzgerald, President
  • Brianna Munoz, President
  • Eric Perry, Food Pantry Manager
  • Lane Friend
  • Ivy Guyotte
  • Marissa Vargas

Requirements for Board Membership

  • Ability to make serious, thoughtful, mature decisions to support the financial needs of all students.
  • Ability to work as a team member with other students to come to a consensus on applications for grants and to oversee the operation of an on-campus food pantry.
  • Ability to respond in a timely manner to all requests for decisions on grants.
  • Ability to respond in a timely manner to all communications with board members, advisors, and volunteers.
  • Commitment to work on the board for at least two consecutive semesters.

IMPORTANT: Students on the board must sign a statement of confidentiality regarding all Student Support Foundation business.

For More Information

If you have any questions, contact the program advisor Casey Krafton at