Emergency Financial Assistance

Edit-Web-LI9A9663If you are a student experiencing a financial crisis, the Student Support Foundation may be able to provide help.

  • Funding is available for students currently enrolled and taking classes at Plymouth State University.
  • The average granted funds range from $75 to $100, with a maximum grant of $200.
  • Requests are accepted the week before the start of a semester through the week before finals each semester. A student board reviews and decides on all applications when school is in session.
  • Examples of items that can be funded with a grant:
    • Initial payment toward a future emergency medical expense
    • Emergency travel – only for travel to go home when you have no method of transportation (bus, train, friend, relative) to get there, such as break travel home or for a family emergency. Requests for emergency travel will also be considered for one-time requests of $50 or less to get to/from an internship or practicum.
    • Textbooks
    • School supplies
  • Examples of items that cannot be funded with a grant:
    • Tuition
    • Counseling services (provided by the Counseling & Human Relations Center)
    • Cell phones/cell phone bills
    • Rent
    • Utility bills
    • Daycare
    • Parking tickets
    • PSU fees (for example, course overload fees, sorority/fraternity fees)
    • Non-PSU fees (for example, graduate school applications)
    • Requests made by Student Organizations at PSU

The program advisor, Casey Krafton, will contact the requestors to clarify the need and determines if there are other needs for support—financial and otherwise—that the requestor has. Once any clarification has been obtained, the requests are given to the student board, which considers the requests and comes to a consensus about funding the request.