Table of Content

I Am the Pirate King … Well, Maybe Not” by Paul Mroczka
A Lesson in Photography” by Henrieke I. Strecker
A Lifelong Lesson” by Kathleen Norris
A Pair of Glasses” by David Talbot
Athletics and Academics” by Kim Bownes
Auf Wiedersehen … not Good-by” by Larry Spencer
Changing People’s Lives” by Michael L. Fischler
Courtroom Case” by Mark James Fischler
Enlightenment” by Peng-Khuan Chong
Getting to the Heart of It” by Sara Jayne Steen
I Love This Place” by Julie Bernier
Magic Moments in Teaching or It’s a Wonderful Life” by Kathleen Arecchi
Retake” by Eileen Curran-Kondrad
Selected Shorts” by Robert F. Swift
The Ghost Is a Pianist! (Through the Years of Silver Hall)” by Carleen Graff
The Other Side of the Desk, a Trilogy” by Nancy Puglisi
The Second Best Student I Ever Had” by David F. Haight
The Space Between” by Meg Petersen
To the Rescue” by Dennis Machnik
Tough Day on Mount Washington” by Bryon Middlekauff
Upon Reflection” by Louise McCormack
You Never Know How Important a Student Will Become” by Charles E. Brown

Compiled and Edited
by Robert F. Swift, Ph.D.

Plymouth State University
Plymouth, NH