This collection serves as a sequel to the first one (print) published in 2005: Teaching Moments: Selected Memories of PSU Faculty.

An apt quotation comes to mind. “A university is defined by far more than the size of its campus, number of its faculty, or height of the clock tower; rather, the essence is found in what takes place in its classrooms, laboratories, recital halls, studios, and on its athletic fields.”

That statement reflects remarkable insight and serves to introduce what follows. (It’s purely coincidental that I made it up.)

An invitation was extended in Spring and Summer 2012 to all Plymouth State faculty, full- and part-time (including athletic coaches), to contribute a “memory” to this new collection. Guidelines were that the submission needed to include students, that the activity took place at or was related to PSU (or PSC), and that it should be told in 500 words or less.

Every submitted contribution was accepted and is included in the pages that follow (with minor editing as needed). Together they offer a full range of teaching/learning experiences and reflections. Nor are lessons learned only from the perspective of students! The reader can expect to be entertained, inspired, troubled, or perhaps even a bit moved.

The selections are arranged in alphabetical order by title.

I am particularly indebted to certain individuals for the successful completion of this sabbatical project. Special appreciation goes to the 22 contributors from several departments (and two administrative offices) across campus. Thanks go to Julie Bernier, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, for guidance and support. Thanks also go to Eric Hobart, Director of Web Communications, for technological advice and assistance in design and production. And a special word of thanks goes to Margot W. Swift, my wife and a retired member of the music faculty, for help as proofreader and “special adviser.”

Robert F. Swift
November 30, 2012

The compiler-editor is in his 34th year as a faculty member at Plymouth State University, 23 of which were as chair of the Music, Theatre, and Dance Department with a 16-month vacation as interim dean of the college. He holds the rank of professor of music.