I’ve Got Your Back!

I’ve Got Your Back!


Raising awareness and seeking solutions to bullying behavior by empowering bystanders, this new TIGER production integrates research on the importance of educating bystanders about the powerful role they play in helping to stop bullying behavior in schools.

This production is fresh, new, and exciting, with seven original musical songs and dances. We collaborated with Boston based rock band Strange Changes on two new songs. There are three versions of this production; one suitable for students K-4, a second for students 5-8, and an all school assembly for K-8.

The cornerstones of this production are:

Take action when someone needs our help; Treat others as you would like to be treated!

I can say “NO!” when others try to make me feel less than and be independent; if other kids are being mean, show them how it feels to be nice!

Get help when you or someone you know is in trouble; you can’t handle a bully all by yourself!

Empathy; imagine what it’s like to be in another person’s shoes and show others how to be a good friend!

Respond with respect in your words and actions; respect everyone’s differences!