Campus Outreach and Education

Listed below is a record of campus programs and workshops intended to support a culture of respect and responsibility within the PSU community. For information regarding program content, number of attendees, or to request a learning opportunity be developed for your group, please contact the Title IX Coordinator.

  • September 2020:
    • Consent & Respect by 3rd Millennium, asynchronous online learning module for new students
    • Athletic Compliance Virtual Town Hall for Student Athletes, synchronous online learning session, Q&A, and knowledge check
    • Preparing for Practice: Resources and reporting options for students in field experience, synchronous online session for Counselor Education students
    • Let’s Talk Tuesday, Facebook conversation with student leaders, sponsored by the Office of Community Impact
  • August 2020:
    • Title IX & Sexual Harassment workshop for Athletics Coaches & Administration, synchronous online session
    • Sexual Misconduct Disclosures & Referrals for Res Life Student Staff, Community Advisor Training, in-person session
    • Title IX Resources and Reporting Options, part of the Social Responsibility learning session for Ascent Program participants, synchronous online session
    • Responsible Employee reporting, new faculty orientation, synchronous online session sponsored by OpenCoLab
    • Sexual Misconduct Disclosure Reporting Information, Orientation Leader training, synchronous online session
    • Zero Shades ™ of Gray by Collegiate Empowerment, Panther Days prevention program for new students, synchronous online program
  • July 2020:
    • Sexual Misconduct Disclosures & Referrals for Res Life Professionals, Community Director Training, in-person session
  • Ongoing:
    • Preventing Unlawful Harassment by Syntrio, online learning module for USNH employees