Reporting Support

Advocates from Voices Against Violence are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to help survivors with any and all needs including seeking medical attention, reporting an assault and seeking emotional support.  Voices Against Violence is our primary resource and we seek to connect survivors with an advocate as soon as possible.  Contact Voices Against Violence at (603) 536-1659 for assistance.  Information about their services can be found at

Students are strongly encouraged to report all forms of sexual misconduct to the University. Students may notify:

Janette Wiggett
Title IX Coordinator

Frost House

University options may include interim measures (changing classes and/or housing assignment, administrative no contact orders), medical and counseling referrals, grievance procedures- including the student conduct process.

Students may choose to pursue criminal charges. The Title IX Coordinator can help arrange initial contact with local police to file a police report.

Remember, Voices Against Violence can help support you through the process.