Title IX Team

There are a number of roles that are integral to investigating and adjudicating incidents of discrimination and discriminatory harassment including investigators, hearing decision makers, advisors, and officials with authority.

Officials with Authority

Plymouth State University has determined the following administrators are Officials with Authority (OWA) to address and correct harassment, discrimination, and/or retaliation. The Officials with Authority listed below may also accept notice or complaints on behalf of PSU:

Janette Wiggett, Title IX Coordinator

Additional officials with authority for employee matters:

Caryn Ines, Director of Human Resources

Christine Alexander, Associate Director of Human Resources

Additional officials with authority for student matters:

Jeffrey Furlone, Dean of Students

Beth Clay, Director of Student Conduct

Additional Title IX Team Members

Chris Kilmer, Investigator, Advisor, Hearing panelist

Lindsay Page, Investigator, Advisor, Hearing panelist

Mark Legacy, Appellate Officer, Hearing panelist

Courtney O’Clair, Athletics Intake, Hearing panelist

Amanda Grazioso, Hearing panelist

Chuck Crawford, Hearing Panelist

Kyle Hastbacka, Hearing Panelist