DSST and CLEP Exams

Students seeking to take these exams can reach out to Community Colleges, or the Concord, Manchester, and Portsmouth testing sites in NH for testing availability at one of those locations.

Coming Soon!!!  We hear you

We’ve heard that it’s hard to find a testing site for these tests.  We will start putting locations here as we learn of places that may allow you to test at their facilities.  STAY TUNED!

CLEP Testing:  If interested in the CLEP exams, it is strongly recommended that you study first!  There are study guides available to you on the College Board website, as well as many sample tests for you to review.  More information about CLEP testing can be found at https://clep.collegeboard.org/exams.  CLEP exams will only satisfy lower level requirements, as described in the current academic catalog.  the cost of taking this exam is paid directly to the College Board on their website, and must be paid in advance of arrival for your exam.

DSST Testing:  Just like CLEP exams, if interested in the DSST exams you need to study first!   And, just like CLEP exams, there are study guides available to you.  Simply go to the DSST website to learn more about these exams, including extensive information on test preparation and the cost to take this exam.  There are many other useful links on that page, as well.  You will be required to pay the exam fee when you sit down to take the test, so please bring a valid credit card with you.  Please visit their website to learn more about free opportunities to take the DSST exam if you are an active duty military member (or spouse) taking the DSST exam for the first time, or reimbursement of the exam fee for a veteran eligible for the Post 9/11 GI Bill.