Advisor Advising Responsibilities

1. Registration and Program Advising

  • To help the student feel welcome and to provide pertinent general information relative to University life;
  • To assist the student in completing registration and utilizing the drop/add process;
  • To be certain that the student is familiar with procedures and regulations relative to curricula offered, requirements for graduation, required courses and electives, and the content and values of specific courses;
  • To make the student aware that he/she is primarily responsible for the development of an appropriate academic program;
  • To establish a basis of contact with the student upon which personal, academic, and administrative process may be integrated.


2. Scholastic Achievement

  • To coordinate this University and its offerings with the student’s abilities, needs, and interests;
  • To assist the student in the evaluation of scholastic strengths and weaknesses, and planning for improvement;
  • To analyze with the student personal efficiency in studying with attention to individual energy, health, and related problems.


3. Social Adjustment

  • To assist the student in making wise and sufficient selection of suitable activities in line with abilities and interests;
  • To encourage the student to give support to worthy and interesting programs for the social good;
  • To identify, prevent, or remedy the social maladjustment of the student through observations and conferences;
  • To assist the student to develop a sense of personal integrity;
  • To use available resources as a means of understanding and helping the individual to meet problems of social relationships in the classroom, in living arrangements, and with friends and family.